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Hello everyone. Today I'll be discussing the staff changes and announcing one promotion.

The first staff change deals with the Server Support role. The Server Support role has always been the novice role for starting up within the staff team, which was reinforced by having limited power. While this limited power has been restricted even further over time in order to promote more people, we want to change the direction of this role. We'll be doing this by removing all physical power from Server Supports so that this can truly be a support role. By doing this, we're now able to promote people who are consistently helpful in-game to a role that further acknowledges their contributions towards Etherum while having no requirements for dealing with punishments. This ability to promote players to Server Support exceptionally quicker than before will allow us to have more staff members in various time zones as well. Server Support is still the first step within the staff team and the role will have access to staff locations so they may delve into more branches within Etherum, for both helping and learning purposes.
Promotions for this rank will begin soon.

The second staff change will be the introduction of the Trial Moderator rank. Since the Server Support role will not be tasked with punishments, a rank has been created for those who go above and beyond as Server Supports. This rank will have the previous powers of Server Support: jail and mute up to 24-hours, and access to the managing tool used by all ranks who can punish players. These limited powers will allow Trial Moderators to display their ability to handle situations and properly distribute punishments, which if done successfully will lead to a full Moderator position. For now, Trial Moderators will remain on Trial until leadership deems them ready for the full powers of a moderator. The forum graphics for this rank are still under construction.

The first promotion to Trial Moderator will be Sma11zplz.
Ryan has done an exceptional job as Server Support since January with his contributions to the wiki and in-game.
4 days ago

Hello guys,
Right now we are focusing on small changes that should have a big impact on the game, our goal is to provide you guys more resources in order to be able to enjoy the game activities available out there.

Tournament Rewards

The $ tournament rewards were removed at least for now, while our Pking activity is low, however the following changes may benefit the game even more as it focus on rewarding everyone who is classified up to 10th position at the tournament, giving more opportunity for those who didn't manage to reach top 3.

Premium Store

We have received quite a few feedback about Premium Store not being that worthy, and as reality we weren't offering as good items as we used to do in the past, so many new items were added to Premium Store and a few price changes applied on existing items in order to reflect our economy.

New Items: 

  • Occult necklace
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Tormented bracelet
  • Ring of suffering
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Chaotic rarpier
  • Chaotic longsword
  • Chaotic maul
  • Chaotic crossbow
  • Vesta's set
  • Statiou's set


  • Full bandos was reduced to 10k PP;
  • PvP resources now has rocktails and price was reduced to 2K PP
  • PvM resources has now 1K rocktails and price was reduced to 2K PP.


Saleman is a new NPC located at Edgeville, the Saleman will host a few stores: Premium Store, Vote Store, Participation Store, Skilling store.

This is a staff owned shop, staff members will be able to put items for sale on any of those categories, the item stock works like general store items, the purchased items will disappear rather than increment automatically.

Once new items are available at the store, the server will broadcast in the chat the availability of new items.
The purpose of this store is to re-insert into the economy items that were confiscated, also provide good rewards such as vines, claws for types of points that usually don't provide those kind of rewards, such as skilling points, participation points, etc.


  • Some graceful pieces that were untradable are now trade-able.
  • Rainbow flower has now the same chances of being planted as other flawers at Hot or Cold mode.
  • Black jack should no longer burst with a 11.
1 week ago

Hey guys, today we are getting a big gambling rework, lots should change with gambling activity and the ranks,
in the future days, the gambler rank prices will be adjusted to be fairer.

Now gambling will have lots of modalities: Dicing, Flower Poker, Hot or Cold, Frosty Flower, ABC Flower, Blackjack.
Please ensure you are aware of how those modalities work before playing.

As usual, only players with rank are able to invite players and the hosters will appear with an underline in their name.
Only the host is able to choose the game odds, there are a few different sets of configuration that players can set for each game.

Now players are able to bet 14 items instead of only 3.

At most games where the host may have an advantage over the guest, it's possible for the host to decide to remove those advantages, such as making 50/50 dice.

In order to roll flower games, the host must have a flower seed, which can be picked up from the bench objects in the map.


Dicing works just like the same as we were used to when the dice rolls a value under or host odds the host wins, otherwise guest wins.

Flower Poker

In order to play the flower poker, the hoster must locate a position that has 6 clear paths in at least one direction.
Once the hoster starts rolling, the guest will automatically move to an available side of the hoster and the game will start.

Flower poker works pretty much like real poker, using the combination of colors to determine the rank of each player.
In case both players end up with the same rank, the game will draw and the hoster will be able to roll again.

Game Rules

Each player will plant 5 flowers, at the end the best-ranked player wins the bet.
Whenever auto win flowers are enabled, the black or white flower may be planted with 2% of rarity, in that case, the player who planted it automatically wins, if both players plant a white or black flower at the same time, the game will instantly draw.

(from best to worse)

Burst (5 flowers of the same color)
Four of a Kind (4 flowers of the same color)
Full house (A pair of 2 repeated flowers and another pair of 3 repeated flowers)
Three of a Kind (A pair of 3 repeated flowers)
Two Doubles (Two pairs of repeated flowers)
Double (A pair of repeated flowers)
None ( None of those above )

Hot or Cold

The hoster will select the odds (All flowers or Hot & cold flowers only) and the flower type that the host wants.

Game Rules

Hot Flowers

Cold Flowers

Host Wins


Frosty Flower

The difference from Hot or Cold is that nobody can choose which type of flower they want, the guest will always win in case a frosty flower is rolled, and the hoster otherwise.

Game Rules:

Frosty Flowers

Hot Flowers

ABC Flower

Here both players will each plant one flower. What defines the winner is the name of the flower, the flower names closer to the letter A wins.

Flower ranks, from best to worse:











Black jack is a known card game where the player must reach the cloest to 21 points in order to win against the house|opponent.
If the player goes over 21 the player will burst and automatically lose!

The blackjack is a role based game, each player will have 30 seconds to decide whether they want to hit or lock, by locking means that you are finished and are awaiting for your partner to lock as well so the game will give the results.

In case the player doesn't do any move during the 30 seconds timer, the game will automatically play for that player.

Hit: Rolls a number between 1-11
Lock: Finishes the game and await for the opponent.

The player that finishes closer to 21 points win, if the game draws all the items will be returned.
Logging out during a game will make your account remain online playing automatically.

Gambling History

Players can check out the scoreboards to see the latest 50 gambling results.


Bank space cap was increased to 1,200 items.

Extreme donators will now gain 500 extra bank spaces rather than 300.

3 weeks ago

Hello dear players, back again with some new updates!

  • 1. Wilderness Chests
  • 2. Boss Changes
  • 3. Item Buffs
  • 4. Fixes
  • 5. F2P PVP Supplies


Well killing the Wilderness Bosses there are 3 new drops available Bloody Key, Bloodier Key, and Storeroom key. 

Note: The storeroom key is only dropped by Callisto, Venenatis, and Scorpia.

The store room key can be used ONCE too open this cell, which is west of the Scorpia teleport.

The Bloody keys, and Bloodiers keys are used too open the chests. The Bloodier Key gives x2 more loot than the regular Bloody Key. Here are some of it's possible rewards:


  • The Chaos Elemental now drops Blood money every time, and has a rare drop for 6k-10k blood mone.
  • Callisto has been nerfed too use his strong magic attack less, aswell his maxhit and accuracy for it have also been lowered
  • The defence of the Demonic gorillas has been lowered


       It's spec now drains %30 of an NPCS defence, and In PVP half of the damage done also comes of their defence level. It's strength bonus is now 120, and it's crush is 100.

  • Abyssal Dagger spec now has a max hit of 46/46 and it's strength bonus is 85.
  • The magic strength and magic bonuses of Ancestral set and Kodai wand have been increased. Ancestral is stronger than Virtus.
  • Barrows will now degrade x2 slower.
  • White Gracefull set is now tradeable

    Chaos Fanatic, and Mammoths wildy tasks have been fixed.


A new F2P pking  supplies tab is now available on the Pk Supply Table:

Damaged books are now also available in the main tab of the PK Supply Table

You can buy page sets from the PK Points pure tab too fill the books.

There is a new Teleport available in the Pking tab of the teleport interface!

Charming imp losing charms on death bug has been fixed also

Welcome too all the new players! I hope you are all enjoying your time at Etherum!!

Coming Soon:

  • Cerberus
  • Zulrah - Venom

3 weeks ago
A nice selection of Easter themed voting rewards have been added too the voting shop, get in quick before they are all removed!

Don't forget there is boosted voting rewards for the next 5 days so vote now!!!