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2 weeks ago

Hey guys! 
It has taken longer than usual to release the update, but that's due to the time spent on advertisements as you may have noticed!
However today we are coming with some GREAAT changes!


- Player Killing | Combat
- Donators daily reward
- Skilling
- Discord (daily rewards)
- Contest Rewards
- Vote Shop
- Merchant
- Server Events
- Gambling
- Misc
- Squxx Updates
- Future Updates

Player Killing | Combat

Now the combat overlay will display the real opponent's life / max life.

Prayer activation was reworked to display the activation faster. 
(It doesn't actually activate faster in the game, just renders as activated faster than before)

Prayer book customization

Players are now able to customize prayer books by dragging the buttons.
You can press the button holding shift to start dragging. If you drop the component while holding control it will insert the component and move all the others to fit rather than just swap them.

You can press the prayer icon and reset to the default positions.

Player Killing Tournament

The tournament rewards will now include OSRS tokens up to 6th position!

PK Reward Pot

Players are able to donate coins to the PK reward pot at donation well!

Rewards: Players will gain an amount taken from the pot for every kill.
The reward is capped to 5m coins, that way players receive great rewards and pot takes longer to dry!
The rewards will only be given upon target kills!

  • The base reward is pot value / 50.
  • The white skull will set the base to 45.
  • The black skull will set the base to 40.
  • The red skull will set the base to 30.

Pot value = 100.000.000
Base Reward = 100M / 50 = 2M coins per kill.

You can check the current pot and base reward at information tab!

Donators daily reward

An extra reward for our lovely donators will be daily free premium points.
The points earned every day will be 2x the value donated in the current month.

Barrows items will not degrade for extreme donators.


Skilling will now reward 3 skilling points rather than 1.
Participation points reward was increased to 5 when receiving skilling points, rather than 2.
Players will now gain 1k skilling point when prestiging up so they can purchase some brawlers.
Mining is now automatic till inventory is full.

Tournament Rewards

Skilling tournament will now reward OSRS tokens up to 6th position!


Fishing was very exhausting at low levels, so the experience gain was adjusted to make starting more comfortable so players can get to Lobsters faster.

Shrimps: 200 experience
Anchovies: 200 experience
Sardine: 500 experience
Herring: 800 experience
Mackerel: 1.500 experience
Trout: 1.800 experience
Cod: 2.000 experience
Pike: 2.500 experience
Salmon: 2.800 experience
Tuna: 3.200 experience
Lobster: 5.300 experience
Bass: 6.500 experience
Swordfish: 8.500 experience
Shark: 9.600 experience
Karambwan: 24.600 experience
Rocktail: 16.700
Manta Ray: 18.600 experience


!pc will now get the prices from Wikipedia, means that will be updated more frequently.

Daily Discord Reward

Players can claim a discord reward daily now, by typing !daily at discord bot_channel.

Type !rewards at discord to see more details about the rewards

Type !daily at discord bot_channel to claim your in-game reward!

You can only redeem the reward once on an account and on a Discord account.

You are able to exchange your discord points with Gwir at Edgeville!

Contest Rewards

Those rewards given every 30 minutes or one hour will be boosted to players who have voted and used daily discord reward.

  • Voting will double the reward.
  • Daily discord will double the reward.

That means that a 2M reward becomes 8M if you have voted and used the daily discord reward!

Vote Shop

  • The requirements to purchase Aggression potion was removed.

Monkey item is now available at Vote Store for 400 points.

Anger swords are now available at Vote store for 700 points each.

Bandos set is now available at Vote store for 150 points each piece.

Magnifying glass is now available at Vote Store for 150 points.


The merchant store has received lots of improvements.

  • Now, staff is able to organize the items sequence.
  • Now players can sell unnoted items and they will automatically be appended as noted.
  • Ironman is no longer able to sell resources to the merchant as that acts just as a trade between players.

Server Events

Slayer point boost was nerfed from 100% to 50% boost.

New Events:

  • Double charms (Charm drops will be doubled for one hour)
  • Double RC essences (Essence mining will be doubled for one hour)
  • Faster Cooking (Cooking will be twice as faster)
  • Boosted Tokkul (Tokkul gain will be boosted by 50% for one hour)
  • Double RC Points (RuneCrafting points gain will be doubled for one hour)

Soon there will be a feature available to see the current server event. For now you can type ::currentevent


A problem with items withdrawing from gambling inventory while player's inventory is full is fixed.
A problem allowing players to break gambling and get opponent stuck was fixed.
Re-rolling a tied game no longer will require gambling hosts credits.
Some improvements were performed related to gamble canceling upon server update | restart.


Some player settings that were not saving properly was fixed, they were conflicting with quick prayers settings.
The settings will reset for once more time on this update.
Sir Vant dungeon drops were nerfed for Ironmans.
Wilfred was added to the donator zone

Hassan was added to the donator zone.
There will be more ice warriors available for slayer tasks.
Slayer task completion coins reward will now be automatically placed on pouch (Was not happening when inventory was full)
A problem related to player reconnecting cause server to crash was fixed.
Pets will be rendered at ::ge when players come with it spawned from outside.
Some starter packs giving broken saradomin brews are now fixed.
Now players will be prevented from attempting to use glory or tabs when during combat with black skull at wild. (Means that will not lose the teleport if fails)
Fixed task points showing as 0 upon login.
Shout tab should be to 'on' as default to new players.

Squxx Updates

Tomorrow Squxx should release those notes in more depth!

Added Trident of the seas charging and combat.
Fixed Duel arena changing stats bug.
Ironman can now buy all bolts from shop.
Maximum stardust is now 7000 was previously 2000.
Added ::replace for black mask.
Fix demonic gorilla invisible protect prayer.
Added "You must be on slayer task" message for desert strykewyrm.
Added crystal halberd with spec rare drop from tarn.
Added balmung X10 as likely as vine and has invisible buff.
Added level required message when trying to clean herbs without the right level.
Prestiging skills removes current slayertask.
Added rev slayer tasks, greater demon, lesser demon, hellhound, dark beasts added chaos fan to wildy tasks.
Reworded various player tasks to have better English.
Added new wildy task, dark warriors at black knight place.
Reduced the respawn time for corp and ice queen, all wildy bosses.
Raised death keep priority on blood necklace, kodai wand, pking rings, chaotics, dwh.

Future Updates

Drop Party weekly events

The automatic drop party system was supposed to arrive on this update however will be delayed to the next one.

At Party Room (falador) players will be able to deposit items to a drop party event.
The drop party event will play automatically every Saturday! The server will host some initial items, but other players can deposit items in exchange for Party Point.
There will be a table of allowed items with the respective points earned for depositing them!
OSRS tokens will be hosted every week by the server!

Players will be able to spend the Party Points earned for depositing items in the Party Point shops, which will contain very unique items!

Skilling interface

That is also a great update, as players no longer will have to keep right clicking items in order to craft them, and it will remember your latest setting!

Items Table interface

I have been looking forward to implementing something like this for a while as will assist a lot the players!
The purpose of the items table interface is to display the items available on some sort of content followed by their rarity!

The idea is that players would be able to examine a Mystery Box, Crystal Chest, Crystal Key, Sir Vant, Stalls and much more content in order to see what they offer!

1 month ago

Heeeey Guys!!

Today we are getting some game changing updates! 

Skilling Prestige

The prestige system came to revolutionize how skilling works, now rather than just skilling for coins, we will be able to reward really good items for the best skillers effort!

Prestige Advancing:

Players will be able to advance prestige once they have reached level 99 on all the skilling stats, including Prayer and Summoning.
The amount of earned prestige is based on the average experience of the player within those valid skills.

So lets say you have an average experience of 200m (200m on all the skills):
200m / 13m = 15 prestige points.

Prestige Limit: 20

Prestige upgrading will be a big event! 

1 - A huge animation will happen. (based on prestige level, every 4 levels the animations gets cooler, the other animations will be a surprise to you guys)
2 - A message and graphic animation will be broadcast to everyone online.
3 - Everyone online will receive a gift to celebrate of (100 * prestige level achieved).

That means that whenever a player reaches 20 prestige level, everyone online will gain 2000 prestige points!

Players with prestige level 20 will receive 2x experience and will not have XP halve that happens usually.
That extra experience will not count towards tournament or any skilling points.

Skilling prestige points: 

Players will earn initially 1000 skilling prestige points per hour, after prestige level 1 is earned.
The skilling prestige points will be increased based on the prestige level, from 0 to 50% boost, meaning that prestige level 20 will give 50% of skilling prestige points boost.

Players will be able to follow their skilling prestige points from quest tab:


You can access the prestige store from Sir Owen at Edgeville.

The purpose of the store is to provide hardcore skillers an extra reward, items that they can't directly have access to while skilling.
The items in the store are restricted to certain prestige levels, based on their price.

The items prices are 100% balanced to the economy price, meaning that spending 50k of points in a Godsword will give the same wealth as spending 50k of points on any other item.

The store will still receive more items and price changes according to players' feedback.



Skiller capes and titles

Once player has reached 15 prestige level, the game will understand that player has achieved 200m on all the skilling levels.
Once player has leveled to 1 prestige, the game will understand that player is able to wear 99 skill capes.

Skilling progress balancing

A system that balances XP point gain was created, the purpose of this system is to advance progress points at same rate for all the skills.
Meaning that all skills will advance the same amount in a given time, that way we can preddict how much experience player will have earned in a given time.
Thanks to that now the tournament will reward the same amount of points per hour for all the skills, giving no speed advantage to certain skills.


Skilling points: 3 points rewarded / 10 minutes of skilling.
Auras: Auras may be rewarded every 30 minutes of skilling.
Skilling prestige points: Players will gain 1000 prestige points for every 1 hour of skilling at best XP rate. (Only when players have at least 1 prestige)

Skilling Points

Prayer and Summoning will now count towards skilling points, as the experience gain progress is now balanced with the other skills.

Players will now gain skilling points | aura | tournament points with experience locked, but then player's bonus experience no longer will multiply the points when EXP is locked.

Sir Vant

The game interface will now display the kill count in the dungeon.
The items that are worthy to be picked up will now have a loot beam.


Gnome trainers were removed from agility area.
Gem cutting will now automatically cut full inventory.
Skilling tournament winners will now have the proper head icon!

1 month ago

Hello Guys!

Many of today's updates are only of newcommers interest, so I'll not be listing all of them.

Starters Features

A  new cut-scene and short story will play once an account is created.
Sir Vant dungeon was tweaked a lot in order to give a big help to newcommers.
Sir vant will give many new tips, if you already know about them, be patient, it only happen once.
::gotask will teleport players to current slayer task for free.
Newcomers doesn't have to perform kill counts to enter some bosses rooms.

New head Icons

New head icons are available in the game:

Skilling tournament icon

Starter head icon

This icon indicate new players, so we can try to be more supportive and patient with them!

Month's best donator

In order to highlight our best sponsors, responsible to keep game running, they will have now a head icon.


A new PK tab is available at the Saleman.


The 'answer' option on private messages no longer will appear when an interface is open.

1 month ago

Hello all,

To begin - I'd like to start with thanking Cypher.  Cypher has resigned from the team, and was with us for around a year.  He has made many great contributions to the Wikipedia and he will be missed.  

The Wikipedia Team has been busy with adding/updating pages. 
Some of those pages are as followed:

Max Setups
Clue Scrolls
Clan Island
Wilderness Chest
Mystery Box
Key Binding
Skilling Guides
Player Killing

These are some of the pages that have been either created or updated.  There has been various edits on many pages to update outdated info.  With all of the frequent updates, we will be very busy adding new pages, and updating our current pages.  As always we will be adding and updating the price guide with any new prices and/or new items.

If you find any incorrect information on the Wikipedia be sure to pm either myself or a member of the wiki team.

If you have any suggestions for the Wikipedia be sure to put them Here and we will check them out.

Thank you.

Best regards
1 month ago

Hello Guys!!

Today we are releasing the first of the skilling updates that are very promising!

Skilling Tournament

Now we have skilling tournament that works pretty much like PK tournament.

When players gain experience on non combat skills those points will be divided by 1000 and added to the player scores.

  • The players with halved experience (once reached level 99) will have the score points doubled, in order to compensate the 50% halve, so there's no loss at all.
  • The tournament scores updates every 40 seconds just like PK Tournament.
  • Every Sunday the winners will receive their rewards automatically on the collect box!
  • The tournament ends at 19 GMT, a few hours after the PK Tournament.

The rewards may be adjusted later, the first tournament reward will be given tomorrow so rush that grinding!

Brawlers Chest

A new chest available on the tournament rewards will reward 5 random brawling gloves when opened. (It's a trade-able item)

Player Resource Store

At Grand Exchange there's a new store at 'Merchant' NPC

The store will work almost like a Grand Exchange, players are able to sell items that are available in the stock and purchase them for the same price.
Our staff team will be able to manage the store and adjust its price according the economy prices. (this store will come in handy once prestige system is out)


In the previous update, the torva set was not buffed correctly, that was fixed.