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1 week ago

Hello all, my apologies for the wait,  so here we go.

Giant Mole

You can now find a Giant Mole teleport in the monster teleports section of the world teleports. This boss is relatively easy to kill with protect melee active, when it is below half health it will dig away and you will have to run around the caves to find it again.

In addition It is also a decent boss to kill to make money. You can sell your mole claw/skin to Wyson the gardener who is also located within the moles cave. The Mole nose (rare drop) will fetch you 50m!  700K for the skin, and 575k for the claw.

Revenant drop updates

There Revenants drops have been getting dull for quite some time now. Corrupt drops have been removed, and the top tier revenants will now drop Dragon claws, Sagittaran, and Celestial. In addition they can also drop bloody keys.


  • All Primal weaponry has received accuracy, and strength buff.
  • Zamorakian spear has been added to the participation shop.
  • Colored ancient staffs added to mystery boxes.
  • A new title is available for prestiged players.
  • A 10 second timer has been added before you can skip a wilderness target.
  • Ale of the Gods has been added as a skilling task reward.
  • Decay time on the cannon have been changed, ext. Donar: 90mins, super. Donar 60mins, Reg. Donar 45mins, non donar 25 mins.
  • Discord points have been added to the quest tab.
  • The lizardmans acid attack has been nerfed, and it's drop rates tweaked.
  • Fixed issues with Vet'ion.
  • The easter bunny set has been made tradeable.
  • A large amount of pking related items have had their death keep rates increased.
  • Kraken tentacle has been added as a moderately rare reward on the roll sortition.
  • The ale of the gods has been added, although it has not yet been implemented into the game

Ring of wealth (I)

The Ring of wealth scroll can be used to imbued a Ring of wealth. The imbued version will give close to DOUBLE drop rates, and give a boost in luck when opening clue caskets!!! These will be available as a skilling task reward, and on the roll sortition.

Thank you all, and sorry once again for the wait. 

1 week ago
After a long journey, Dannyx has earned the position of Elite moderator. He has worked hard and long for this and now earned the promotion.

With a new rank comes new responsibilities, so congratulations and good luck from us all !

As all promotions require, Dannyx will be on a 2 week trial.

- Staff Leadership Team -
2 weeks ago

Hello all,

To start, i'd like to do an introduction of myself for those of you who do not know me.  As you may of seen in the last Wikipedia Update notes, I am now the Wikipedia Manager.

I have been playing this server for many years now.  I have many different roles throughout the server on top of my Wiki roles.  I am an in-game moderator, an Official Middleman Recruiter, Sectional Moderator on forums, and an Administrator in Spectrum. 

Outside of the server, I work full-time and studying to become an Agronomist. 

August was not a very productive month for the wiki.  We all had a lot going on irl. 

Two main updates to happen in August were two new Skilling Calculators.

Cooking Skilling Calculator
Summoning Skilling Calculator

If you find any incorrect information on the Wikipedia be sure to pm either myself or a member of the wiki team.

If you have any suggestions for the Wikipedia be sure to put them Here and we will check them out.

Thank you.

Best regards

Hello beloved players! Here is your update for this week!

Lizardman Shamans

Lizardman Shamans have been added to Monsters teleport section. They share the same mechanics as OSRS. THEY CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS IF YOU STAND STILL AND ARE BEING PILED BY THEM; So I'd recommend you bring a cannon and pay attention! 
They can be assigned as a slayer task. Their best drops at the moment is a Dragon warhammer, and a Shayzien house banner. However some better drops will likely be added to their drop table in the future based on how they go. Mainly they attack with ranged, and also melee. As well they have 3 special attacks; which you cannot use protection prayers to negate:

  • Acid spit - It will spit an acid projectile semi-slowly, you must dodge it otherwise it will hit you for 30 damage, and may possibly poison you for up to 7.
  • Jump - It will jump in the air, and then two ticks later hit the ground, you must move out of the way.
  • Spawns - it will summon 3 small purple npcs called spawns, which will follow you and then explode after a small amount of time. If you are near them when they explode you will be hit for a small amount of damage.

Wilderness slayer changes

  • Extra greater demons have been added to ::Gdz
  • Extra green dragons have been added to ::wests
  • Extra Ankou have been added to the graveyard
  • Mithril dragons have been added to wilderness slayer
  • Avatars have been added to wilderness slayer
  • Bandits have been added to the bandit camp, and can be assigned as a wilderness slayer task. They will be aggresive to all players under level 60 combat:


  • Gilded 2H sword has been added as a skilling task reward.
  • Vetion has been fixed and re-added

  • Gilded scimitar has been added as a skilling task reward.
  • Granite maul accuracy has been nerfed.

Wilderness Sword

At wilderness the sword will boost the damage based on the amount of wilderness armours items equipped, it's necessary to be wielding the wilderness weapon for this to work.


The special will boost damage and accuracy by 4% per equipped piece, meaning that using full set the damage and accuracy can be boosted by 40%

At multi combat areas, it will hit all other players nearby with the same max hit.

Tested Max hit: 85

The special against players will applay 6 ticks delay to the next attack.


The special will boost damage and accuracy by 7% per equipped piece, meaning that using full set, the damage and accuracy will be boosted by 70%

At multi combat areas, it will hit all NPCs nearby with the same max hit.

Tested max hit: 150+

The max hits were considered using full wilderness set at wilderness, with turmoil and combat potion.
squxx: Void bugg
4 weeks ago
After yesterdays update there was a slight error in the way void was buffed. This has now been corrected to the buff it was meant to receive. We apologize for this error and thank you all for understanding.