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Support - Client Issue's

General Solutions

Ensure that you have the Java Runtime installed as it's necessary to load the game.
You may update your Java at the website here.

Windows - Operating System

Q: Nothing happens when you load the client!
A: Right click the client and press 'Run as Administrator'

Q: When I try to open the client it gives me a 'Windows Protected your PC message', what do I do to still run it?
A: In order to launch the client you must click on the 'More info' option and then next press 'Run anyway'.

Q: I'm getting an error 401.
A: Ensure that your client is up to date by going to and download the latest client.
This could also be a temporary problem so please be patient and try again in a few minutes.

Mac OS - Operating system

Q: It tells me that Etherum can't be opened because it's an unidentified developer? What do I do?
A: Please follow the steps below to get this issue resolved!
Open 'Security & Privacy' from System Preferences

Then at the option 'Allow apps downloaded from:' select the option 'Anywhere'

In case you don't see the 'Anywhere' option available, you should open the 'Terminal' and type in 'sudo spctl --master-disable'

If nothing of those options above has worked, try this optional client.

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