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Hi guys,

It's been quite some time that I've actually posted on those forums!
I hope you're all doing well, I btw am your web developer that develops and maintains the website.
Today lots of maintenance has been done to the web server, lots of things you guys won't really notice, but some that you might.

* The servers were all updated, they had not been updated for a really long time, this caused the website to be offline for 30 minutes a few hours ago. It took that long, because there were a lot of updates that had to be done. Luckily it came back online and I could finish the updates.
* Old php versions were replaced by the new ones that are also officially supported (probably not something you'll notice, other than the website working as it should)
* Some small tweaks on the homepage that you might've noticed, new logo was added, also some snow was added to get into the christmas fibes and a lot of small other changes I gathered from the staff.

Everything should be working as it should, if it doesn't please let me know on discord by tagging me @jordy I'll try to resolve them as quickly as possible for you!

Next week I'll do some minor tweaks to the forums and possibly more bigger updates coming soon, I'm still discussing with Pb what we're exactly going to be doing.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you guys soon! Oh and ofcourse sorry for the disruptance if you've encountered any.
1 month ago
Hey Guys, 

Slightly unofficial update notes. This post will mainly server as a guide for the hween event. 

The event starts in Catherby, you must board the south most ship at the docks. You will need Melee, Range and Mage to complete this event along with a special attack weapon. For a full guide join ::discord and go to #Bot_channel. 

Along with the event, In-game staff will be spawning Vampyres which drop Soul Fragments and a boss (Nazastrarool) which requires multiple players for it to be kill. Nazastrarool will drop many hween related items

Vampyres require you to have a stake and hammer (got from the monk west of ::home) in your inventory before you can kill them!

Soul fragments can be used to buy items from the Grim Reaper, north east of the GE , see his shop here: 

There are new items in the 'event' tab at the vote store

There are also 2 new sets available from the premium store: 

1 month ago

Hey guys! Today we are bringing some small but cool updates!


The PK kill reward cap was increased on PK reward pot.

Kill Rewards

The target kill random reward system was adjustetd and rewards improved.

Upon target kills, the server will decide wether or not the player will receive a special reward.

This first roll works as following:


Default chance: 20%

Those aspects bellow will boost the reward rolling chances

Red skull: 15%
Black skull: 10%
White skull: 5%

Kill streak 10+: 15%
Kill streak 5+: 5%

10+ players in wild: 10%
5+ players in wild: 5%

Meaning that a player on 10 kill streaks and red skull while wilderness has 10 players or more, will have 60% of chance of rolling a special reward!

Tier rolling

At tier rolling stage, server already has decided that player may get a tier reward, now it's time to decide which tier will be rolled.

Tier Chances

1 - 70%
2 - 50%
3 - 35%
4 - 10%
5 - 5%
6 - 1.5%
7 - 0.3%


Red skull gives a 5% boost
Player Kill count here provides a big boost to players

Kill Count Boost: (kill-count * 50) / 10,000


2,000 kills = 10% boost
5,000 kills = 25% boost
10,000 kills = 50% boost

So considering that tier 5 has 5% chances, and player has 50% boost, the tier 5 will now have 7.5% of chances.


Each tab is a 'tier'

Collection Logs

  • Venenatis was added to collections log
  • Sea Troll queen was added to collections log
  • WildyWyrm was added to collections log
  • Vet'ion was added to collections log
  • Ava's were added to collections log
  • Some Revenants were added to collections log
  • Gold Whip was added to the logs of dagannoth kings.
  • Impling Jars was added to collections log

Squeal of Fortune

Squeal of Fortune has now a quick mode, that instantaneously shows the gained item.

Player Owned Shop

Player owned shop has two new settings to configure sell and buy confirmations.

Buy confirmation appears in the following cases:

  • Purchases over 1b value.
  • Items that are over 60% of market price.
  • Amount of items purchased above 50K

Ground Items highlight

You can adjust your min value to become red on the console by typing 'Ground-Min-Value' followed by the amount:


  • Now players must be within 1 distance from other player to be able to trade.
  • Sea Troll Queen was added to boss teleports.
  • ::wild command was added, it takes to the same place as activity teleport.
  • ::redeemdonation command was added.
  • Fixed Pink elegant shirt appearance.
  • The ::trademe will show the rewarded coins as it would be dispalyed in pouch (to avoid 2147 trick)

  • Zulrah's phase change will no longer cancel player's attack, and any damage hitsplash will be delayed to when it spawns back.
  • Non donators no longer can use donator tab features (when logging off from a donator account)
  • The potion purchase limit was incrased back from 50 to 500.
1 month ago
Hey everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my staffing career it has been some of the best time of my life while I've been here. I cannot thank Etherum as a game enough with helping me through hard times. Etherum as a community is the best I've ever experienced and I'm sure I can never find it anywhere else.

The reason I’m resigning is because I’ve been distant to the game for a while now and the game started more to feel like a job than a game. I’ve been staff on here since 11th of September 2016 which is over 3 years of staffing. And it has honestly been very enjoyable.

Shoutout to all the previous and the now standing staff & all the other teams. You guys are what makes the game enjoyable. You all know who you are.

I will hopefully still be running the discord server since thats something I’ve worked very hard on from the beginning when it had 0 people in it.

Love you all
- Saim
Pb600: New Co-owner
1 month ago
Hello guys!

I didn't expect to be really doing this, but we are really getting a new co-owner rank! 

As much as I can't see we having another Tyler, this person feels almost like it and has gotten the blessing from Saim and many other staff members, together with many players claiming it!

So congratulations Pb600! You are now the Owner and Co-owner!   

Haha Joking apart, we all know that we are talking about Jaiz, so congratulations Jaiz and thanks for all the effort you have been doing together with staff members!