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1 week ago

Heeeey Guys!!

Today we are getting some game changing updates! 

Skilling Prestige

The prestige system came to revolutionize how skilling works, now rather than just skilling for coins, we will be able to reward really good items for the best skillers effort!

Prestige Advancing:

Players will be able to advance prestige once they have reached level 99 on all the skilling stats, including Prayer and Summoning.
The amount of earned prestige is based on the average experience of the player within those valid skills.

So lets say you have an average experience of 200m (200m on all the skills):
200m / 13m = 15 prestige points.

Prestige Limit: 20

Prestige upgrading will be a big event! 

1 - A huge animation will happen. (based on prestige level, every 4 levels the animations gets cooler, the other animations will be a surprise to you guys)
2 - A message and graphic animation will be broadcast to everyone online.
3 - Everyone online will receive a gift to celebrate of (100 * prestige level achieved).

That means that whenever a player reaches 20 prestige level, everyone online will gain 2000 prestige points!

Players with prestige level 20 will receive 2x experience and will not have XP halve that happens usually.
That extra experience will not count towards tournament or any skilling points.

Skilling prestige points: 

Players will earn initially 1000 skilling prestige points per hour, after prestige level 1 is earned.
The skilling prestige points will be increased based on the prestige level, from 0 to 50% boost, meaning that prestige level 20 will give 50% of skilling prestige points boost.

Players will be able to follow their skilling prestige points from quest tab:


You can access the prestige store from Sir Owen at Edgeville.

The purpose of the store is to provide hardcore skillers an extra reward, items that they can't directly have access to while skilling.
The items in the store are restricted to certain prestige levels, based on their price.

The items prices are 100% balanced to the economy price, meaning that spending 50k of points in a Godsword will give the same wealth as spending 50k of points on any other item.

The store will still receive more items and price changes according to players' feedback.



Skiller capes and titles

Once player has reached 15 prestige level, the game will understand that player has achieved 200m on all the skilling levels.
Once player has leveled to 1 prestige, the game will understand that player is able to wear 99 skill capes.

Skilling progress balancing

A system that balances XP point gain was created, the purpose of this system is to advance progress points at same rate for all the skills.
Meaning that all skills will advance the same amount in a given time, that way we can preddict how much experience player will have earned in a given time.
Thanks to that now the tournament will reward the same amount of points per hour for all the skills, giving no speed advantage to certain skills.


Skilling points: 3 points rewarded / 10 minutes of skilling.
Auras: Auras may be rewarded every 30 minutes of skilling.
Skilling prestige points: Players will gain 1000 prestige points for every 1 hour of skilling at best XP rate. (Only when players have at least 1 prestige)

Skilling Points

Prayer and Summoning will now count towards skilling points, as the experience gain progress is now balanced with the other skills.

Players will now gain skilling points | aura | tournament points with experience locked, but then player's bonus experience no longer will multiply the points when EXP is locked.

Sir Vant

The game interface will now display the kill count in the dungeon.
The items that are worthy to be picked up will now have a loot beam.


Gnome trainers were removed from agility area.
Gem cutting will now automatically cut full inventory.
Skilling tournament winners will now have the proper head icon!

2 weeks ago

Hello Guys!

Many of today's updates are only of newcommers interest, so I'll not be listing all of them.

Starters Features

A  new cut-scene and short story will play once an account is created.
Sir Vant dungeon was tweaked a lot in order to give a big help to newcommers.
Sir vant will give many new tips, if you already know about them, be patient, it only happen once.
::gotask will teleport players to current slayer task for free.
Newcomers doesn't have to perform kill counts to enter some bosses rooms.

New head Icons

New head icons are available in the game:

Skilling tournament icon

Starter head icon

This icon indicate new players, so we can try to be more supportive and patient with them!

Month's best donator

In order to highlight our best sponsors, responsible to keep game running, they will have now a head icon.


A new PK tab is available at the Saleman.


The 'answer' option on private messages no longer will appear when an interface is open.

3 weeks ago

Hello all,

To begin - I'd like to start with thanking Cypher.  Cypher has resigned from the team, and was with us for around a year.  He has made many great contributions to the Wikipedia and he will be missed.  

The Wikipedia Team has been busy with adding/updating pages. 
Some of those pages are as followed:

Max Setups
Clue Scrolls
Clan Island
Wilderness Chest
Mystery Box
Key Binding
Skilling Guides
Player Killing

These are some of the pages that have been either created or updated.  There has been various edits on many pages to update outdated info.  With all of the frequent updates, we will be very busy adding new pages, and updating our current pages.  As always we will be adding and updating the price guide with any new prices and/or new items.

If you find any incorrect information on the Wikipedia be sure to pm either myself or a member of the wiki team.

If you have any suggestions for the Wikipedia be sure to put them Here and we will check them out.

Thank you.

Best regards
3 weeks ago

Hello Guys!!

Today we are releasing the first of the skilling updates that are very promising!

Skilling Tournament

Now we have skilling tournament that works pretty much like PK tournament.

When players gain experience on non combat skills those points will be divided by 1000 and added to the player scores.

  • The players with halved experience (once reached level 99) will have the score points doubled, in order to compensate the 50% halve, so there's no loss at all.
  • The tournament scores updates every 40 seconds just like PK Tournament.
  • Every Sunday the winners will receive their rewards automatically on the collect box!
  • The tournament ends at 19 GMT, a few hours after the PK Tournament.

The rewards may be adjusted later, the first tournament reward will be given tomorrow so rush that grinding!

Brawlers Chest

A new chest available on the tournament rewards will reward 5 random brawling gloves when opened. (It's a trade-able item)

Player Resource Store

At Grand Exchange there's a new store at 'Merchant' NPC

The store will work almost like a Grand Exchange, players are able to sell items that are available in the stock and purchase them for the same price.
Our staff team will be able to manage the store and adjust its price according the economy prices. (this store will come in handy once prestige system is out)


In the previous update, the torva set was not buffed correctly, that was fixed.

3 weeks ago

Hello guyss, 
today we are releasing just a few quick adjusts however as you may know our focus is on skilling right now, so I'll be also presenting some of the next skilling updates.

Events Promotion

Now the server will promote a few events that will last for a while.

Those are currently existing events:

You guys can feel free to suggest more events!


Green dragons are now multi-area like used to be years ago.

Oziach will now sell regular metal armors


The torture amulet was buffed

The torva set was buffed

Kodai wand was buffed

Amulet of ranging has rerceived 2% of ranged strength.


Knowledge aura should now work with all skills instead of only agility.


Now adamant arrows will work with maple shortbow.

The following items are now trade-able:

Occult amulet(or)
Amulet of torture (or)
Ring of the gods (i)
Tyrannical ring (i)
Toxic staff of the dead

Dupe Reporters pet

The corporeal beast pet was removed as we intend to use it for the boss itself, however we have now came with something much better!
The pet will assist on combat, having a max hit of 30 for melee and 20 magic, with 3 different attack types.


The rune scimitar and rune 2h from supply table can now be unoted.
The Clue Scroll re-roll price was reduced at premium features.
Quick Drop (Shift + click) is a feature that is now available to everyone.

Future updates

Skilling Prestige

A huge skilling update planned is the prestige system.

The purpose of the prestige system is to provide skillers a longer term grinding, rather than maxing once and getting bored, also provide a good profit to skillers, since usually skillers only profits from coins and slayer store, we want to allow skillers to be able to have access to the items that other game modes have.

The prestige will be capped to 20, in order to advance your prestige you must reach level 99 in the 15 non combat skills and then reset your levels. (Includes summoning as that's a grinding skill).


  • The more prestige you have the more coins and skilling points you will earn while skilling.
  • Players with higher prestige will have priority on the highscores.
  • Once player has achieved the first prestige point, the player will start earning 'skilling prestige points' that will be used to purchase items from a store.
  • The higher level of prestige, the more skilling prestige points players will earn.
  • Once player reaches prestige level 20, the experience gain will be improved a lot, so it becomes easier to max all the skills experience.

Prestige Store

The prestige store will contain various items from our economy that can be purchased with prestige points, however the items are locked, and will gradually become available as players improves their prestige level.

Once the player chooses to advance the prestige level, the game will calculate the average experience in those 15 skills and divide by 13m, and that will be the gained prestige point.

ie. Lets say that player has an average of 100m of experience: 100m / 13m = 8 prestige points. (It will round the point)

Regarding the fact that after level 99 the experience gained is way slower, we have decided to do not consider that in the calculations, as it would create a huge gap for newcomers to catch up, however it's needed to consider that earning 13m experience from level 1 to 99 when you cannot grind with the best tools and resources, implies some difficulties that may  compensate the 50% experience reduction that happens further level 99.

Stores Sketch

Please note that those stores are just a sketch to illustrate our purpose of allowing skillers to have access to high rated items as well.
Balancing the items prices will be a difficult task that will probably be performed over time.

The values doesn't represent the actual item price, it's just to illustrate the tier of the items, the higher the value, the bigger the prestige level is required in order to unlock the items and be able to purchase them.

Basically players with higher prestige will have access to better tier items and will gain faster prestige points, meaning that hardcore skillers will be heavily compensated in comparison with regular skillers.

Pet System

The idea here is to allow players to have a defined goal in order to be able to unlock a pet, the pets no longer will be items, meaning that they cannot be lost and will not occupy bank space, players will be able to spawn the pets from the interface. 
Players that have already earned a pet will just need to click on the pet item in order to unlock it on the interface.
There will be still a chance that the pet will be dropped before the player reaches the established goal.
The interface will include skilling pets and other unlock-able pets that may be purchased with Premium Points and other features.

Resource gathering minigame.

The idea of this minigame came from @Cory on the suggestion thread:
And we are really looking forward into implementing something alike this idea, with a small touch of competition.
The minigame is about gathering the resources defined from the current task within the given time, the players that collect the minimum amount of resources will gain trading sticks, the player that gathers more resources than the others will get double rewards.

The map would have the primary tools available on the ground, there will be tasks that will rotate every few minutes, meaning that if the task is raw lobsters, the players will have to fish lobsters, cook them and deposit.

The experience earned on this minigame will be boosted.

Skilling tournament

A skilling tournament is planned to be available really soon, that will work pretty much like PK tournament.

Well that's it guys, I'm hoping you guys will like those plans!