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Hello Everyone.

Today we will be reopening the exchange function of OSRS Tokens and we want to thank everyone for their patience during the downtime. 

OSRS Tokens are currently only exchangeable by contacting me. You can do so by joining our Discord Server and PM'ing me (Jaiz#6085)

Each token is worth 1M 07. That means if you want to swap 10 tokens, you will get 10M OSRS GP. Tokens cannot be exchanged for RS3 GP.

Due to a somewhat limited stock of OSRS gp, at the moment players can exchange a maximum of 30 tokens. This is to ensure all players get a fair chance at swapping their tokens. Once enough time has passed to allow all players a fair chance at exchanging their tokens, we may increase this limit.

If you have OSRS gp that you would like to sell for Etherum items, please check out this thread.
1 day ago
We're looking to buy Oldschool Runescape gold and these are the items you can choose from. Rate is 1:450 and the prices used for the items will be the market price.

If you wish to buy any of these items for OSRS gold PM Saim ingame or !Saim#0658 on discord and we can talk about it.

(Items gets re-stocked with either same items, or different ones once someone buys)

Twisted bow: 25b  22b each
Claws: 1,2b each
Divine: 2,2b each
vines: 2,4b each
Mystery boxes: 35m each
Blue boxers: 5,5b each
dragon (t) set: 2,5b
AGS OR: 550m
Elder maul: 3,5b
Donator ticket: 500m
Ragefires 50m each
Glaviens: 50m each
Ancestral Hat: 1,2b
Torture amulet: 300m
Gold chest: 4,5b
Pernix set: 800m
Chaotic maul: 300m
Chaotic crossbow: 100m
Tormented bracelet: 250m

Torva set: 600m
2 days ago

We managed to finish our goal of donating $300 to charity via GoFundMe campaign during christmas/year end.
Heres the link to the campaign

Everyone that donated over $5 got a special role to their name on discord.

Our first donator @Charlie 
Our second donator @Deidara 

Our third donor @Matt M8

Our fourth donor @Nikolas 

Our fifth donor @Skeptical 

Our sixth donor @Adam | ᴰⁱˢᶜᵒʳᵈ ᴹᵒᵈ ?

Our seventh donor @Dannyx

Our eighth donor @Damoner101

Thank you to everyone that donated, and a special thanks to Damoner101 for coming in with the clutch of $150 donation.
3 days ago
Hai everyone!

Today we've decided to promote Niels  to server supporter role.
Niels has been very helpful since his return and we believe he deserves a shot at having a place in the staff team.

All ranks have a 2 week trial period, welcome and good luck :)
Sir Wizard: New Server Support
1 week ago
Hello everyone.

Today we've decided to promote Charlie to the role of Server Support.

Charlie has been a consistent, helpful member within the community. We are happy that he will be rejoining our ranks. 

Charlie lives in England (GMT +1) and will primarily assist in this timezone.

Welcome Charlie, and congratulations.