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2 days ago
Congratulations Shiro.
Well deserved!
6 days ago

Hello guys! I'm Peixe, the new developer of Etherum and this update is just a few bug fixes. Five bugfixes regarding Hunter (released a week ago, really hope you guys enjoyed it). I focused on fixing Hunter bugs, but also fixed some others that will be mentioned at the end. I will also mention some things that I forgot to put in the previous update notes.

Hunter bugfixes:

    Pawya & Grenwalls: As all of you know Pawyas and Grenwalls were getting stuck in the trees, so we changed the location for both of them. Even though the Pawyas are no longer in the donator zone, they are still donator only.

    Chinchompa pets: I added all the pets in the last update, but they did not reward the pets when catching chinchompas. This will work properly now. The chinchompa pets will not be unlocked at a certain amount of XP or catches like the other pets, but will be random. When rewarded, click on it to unlock the Chinchompa pet in the pet interface.

    Ferrets & Butterflies: When releasing a caught Ferret, they weren't being released and were just dropped on the floor. I fixed it so they properly release and don't drop on the floor anymore. When releasing butterflies, they weren't giving XP like intended to. This is fixed now aswell.

    Total Level: The Hunter skill wasn't being counted for the total level and total experience.

    Rabbit Foot & Rabbit Meat: Rabbit Meat and Rabbit Foot were unusable. You can now cook/eat the Rabbit Meat. Rabbit Foot can now be made into a Strung Rabbit Foot necklace by using a Ball of Wool on the Rabbit Foot.

Other bug fixes:

    1 - Removed the question of how to buy a TzRek-Jad pet in the TzHaar-Hur Shop as you can't     buy a TzRek-Jad pet.

    2 - There is no longer a a duplicated item in the Rommik's Crafting Store.

    3 - You can no longer spawn pets in the Fight Caves.

    4 - Fixed the issue where if you tried to remove a max cash stack from the trade screen while also having a max cash stack in your inventory, the max cash stack removed from the trade screen would dissapear.

    5 - Fixed the issue where the Adventurers Path interface was showing wrong rewards for Hardcore Ironman.

    6 - Sir Thify in Falador was fixed and now looks a bit more normal (only looks...)

    7 - Fixed the issue where you could reset a skill level while using a Prayer that requires the level of the same skill.

    8 - Fixed the issue that noted Ganodermic items weren't stackable.

    9 - Fixed the issue that if you tried to deposit more items that the Looting Bag can hold it would disappear.

    10 - Papayas rates were lowered for donators and super donators, extreme donators remains the same.

Hunter Curiosities:

        Teleport Shortcut: This is something that I forgot to tell in the previous update notes. If you click on the hunter icon in the skilling interface it will open the teleport interface for hunter, pretty easy isn't it? You can also still access the hunter teleport interface from the teleports.

        Papaya: Ok, I didn't said before how profitable papayas are, like, really... People were getting 20B per 800 Papayas at the GE, probably the most profitable method of earning coins ever. Papaya are used for catching Pawyas (the best Hunter XP) and catching them you can get a Raw Pawya Meat (used for catching Grenwalls, the 2nd best Hunter XP).
1 week ago
Congratulations Sexysoldier, well fuckin' deserved!
2 weeks ago
Great update!
1 month ago
Dear Players,

It is my time to go. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be an administrator for this great server. I have been playing this game since 2013 and I loved every minute of it. A big thanks to Tyler for letting me join the staff team. I joined the staff team on 22 October 2016 and then to admin on 14 December 2018.

I will be leaving all positions held. I will stop by from time to time. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the game! 

Love you all,

Wizard out!