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Adam: Resignation
1 month ago
Dear Community,

I have been playing Grinderscape > Etherum for almost 10 years and i cannot explain how much improvements you guys have done in the past and its unbelievable.

Im writing here this evening that i will be resigning all ranks In-Game. I would also wanted to say thank you all for giving me an opportunity to promotions and joining the whole Staff Team. 

I'll be around in-game by voting and chatting with old mates and i will stay my position as a Discord Mod.

Thanks for promoting once again Jaiz to Staff <3 

Best Regards,
1 month ago

Hello guys!
I'm glad to announce that we're here with quite some updates that have been suggested recently/in the past.

New Slayer Master
Konar quo Maten

A new Slayer Master has been added to the Slayer Masters location at Donator zone.
The Slayer Master is Donator only.

Getting a task from her will 100% assign a monster you can find back in the Hydra dungeon or Catacombs of Kourend.

NOTE: Using "::gotask" when you're on an assignment from Konar will always tele you to the ones in Catacombs of Kourend. 
A Wyrms, Drakes, Sulphur Lizards or Hydras ::gotask will still teleport you straight to them in Hydra dungeon.

Possible tasks

  • Aberrant spectres
  • Abyssal demons
  • Ankous
  • Black demons
  • Brutal black dragons
  • Bloodvelds
  • Blue dragons
  • Bronze dragons
  • Dagannoths
  • Dust Devils
  • Fire giants
  • Greater Demons
  • Hellhounds
  • Iron Dragons
  • Jellies
  • Nechryael
  • Red dragons
  • Steel dragons
  • Ghosts
  • Shades
  • Possessed Pickaxes
  • Magic Axes
  • Hill giants
  • King Sand Crabs
  • Cyclops
  • Banshees
  • Moss giants
  • Lesser demons
  • Wyrms
  • Hydras
  • Drakes
  • Sulphur Lizards

With this, the following tasks have been removed from Kuradal:

  • Ankous
  • Brutal black dragons
  • Drakes
  • Hydras
  • Wyrms
  • Possessed Pickaxes
  • Magic Axes
  • King Sand Crabs

Skilling sets changes

  • Wearing the full golden mining set (apart from gloves, so you can still wear brawlers too) will now give a 10% mining boost.

  • Wearing the full lumberjack set will now give a 10% woodcutting boost.

  • Wearing the full witchdoctor set will give a 10% herblore boost.

  • Wearing the full rogue set (apart from gloves, so you can still wear brawlers too) will now give a 10% thieving boost.


Using agility training tickets on Pirate Jackie the fruit will now let you exchange them for 2.5k agility experience per ticket.

Skilling shop changes


  • 3000 points per golden mining piece now
  • 3000 points per lumberjack piece now
  • 3000 points per witchdoctor piece now
  • 3000 points per rogue piece now


  • Brawlers chest – 900 points
  • Magic notepaper – 5 points
  • Skip ticket – 100 points
  • Aura chest (opening it will reward 3 auras at random) – 200 points

  • Tool kit - 200 points

New skilling tasks

  • Cutting uncuts into cut gems (crafting)
  • Cutting cut gems into bolt tips (crafting)
  • Picking up herbs (farming) – Using magic secateurs & auto-cleaning the herbs will work too!
  • Cleaning herbs (herblore)
  • Crafting runes at Guthix altar or regular altar (runecrafting)
  • Cooking raw food (cooking)
  • Catching implings at Puro Puro (hunter)
  • Stealing specific items from stalls (Thieving)
  • Pickpocketting npc’s (Thieving)

ALL skilling tasks (besides fletching shafts & cutting bolt tips) will now be capped at max 300 instead of 500 as it used to be.

Completing a skilling task will now give the correct message.

New skilling task rewards

  • Summoning box
  • Aura chest
  • 50k bonus xp lamp
  • 100k bonus xp lamp
  • 250k bonus xp lamp
  • Tool kit

Collection log

Tool Kit

Aura Chests

OSRS Revenants Cave

We will now have the OSRS Revenants Cave instead of the Pre-eoc one.

Dungeon map

The difference from OSRS/the map above is that ALL the agility jumps require an Agility level of 70 to go through.

The entrances will now be located here

Drop anouncements

These items will now announce as a drop

  • Primordial Crystal
  • Eternal Crystal
  • Pegasian Crystal
  • Armadyl Hilt
  • Arcane Sigil
  • Divine Sigil
  • Elysian Sigil
  • Spectral Sigil

PVM changes

  • Vorkath head will now 100% drop (once) if your killcount is 100+ without a drop. Afterwards you can still get the head by luck at a 1/100 droprate.

  • The fire talismans dropped by Smoke Devils/Thermonuclear Smoke Devil are now noted instead of unnoted.

  • All wilderness bosses will now have a Wild level disclaimer when you hover over their tele, just like King Black Dragon has.

  • Venenatis will now counts as a boss kill towards the hourly boss kill scores and towards the adventure path.
  • Thermonuclear smoke devil now has a respawn timer.

  • Killing the Thermonuclear smoke devil will now announce on the game chat like it does for other bosses.

  • Vorkath is now respawnable similar to Zulrah respawn, it'll cost the same amount of cash as starting a new instance.

  • Lizardman shamans now have a ::gotask option.

  • A rune pouch will now straight up go to the grim reaper if you die with it in a non-wild area.

Now stackable

  • Wildwyrm tickets
  • All artifacts
  • Aura chest
  • Brawlers chest
  • Barrage chest


  • The "Some of your sales have been sold" message has been replaced and will now show your 'amount you have sold' / 'Your total sale' + the item name.
  • This message will also be red.

  • Amulet of Anguish (or) kit & Tormented Bracelet (or) kit have been added to the blood money store for 200k each.

  • Necklace of Anguish (or) will give +2 range damage compared to the regular Necklace.

  • Tormented Bracelet will give +2% magic damage compared to the regular Tormented Bracelet.

  • Ardougne cloak 4 can now be used to teleport to the Ardougne Monastery.

  • The level 60 defence requirement for Green D’Hide Chaps (t) is now changed to 40 and a ranged requirement of lvl 40 was added, like on OSRS.
  • Infernal tools will now consume the ore/log/fish like they do on OSRS.
  • Graceful set will now give the exp boost without the gloves necessary so you can use brawlers too.
  • All bonus XP lamps will now have the right amount of exp they give in their name.
  • Crystal halberd full can now be worn.

2 months ago

Hello guys!
I'm glad to announce that we're here with quite some (long-term) reported bug fixes & some small updates that have been suggested!

Bug fixes

  • The Zulrah instance bug should be fixed with the server restarting now.
  • The new Slayer assignments that were not working after a latest hotfix by PB should now work fine again after restarting now.
  • Leaving/dying at Wintertodt will now remove all the items you take from the crates there.

  • Once the Wintertodt is killed, all the other supplies (logs, kindlings, juvenile pots, ..) will vanish too.
  • Skeletal visages and dragonfire wands will now stack properly noted.

  • Skeletal Wyverns will no longer drop double Wyvern bones per kill.
  • A wrong message appearing when Superheating ores has been removed.
  • Rock hammer on Gargoyle will now work properly, it used to give 2/multiple kills per usage.
  • You can now skip to wave 61 at fight caves as an Extreme Donator as you should be able to.

  • The fight caves interface will now show you the right amount per wave you need to pay to skip waves & how many waves you may skip, based on your donator rank.
    ·        Non donator: 2-54 (280/wave)
    ·        Donator: 2-57 (250/wave)
    ·        Super Donator: 2-60 (225/wave)
    ·        Extreme Donator: 2-61 (200/wave)

  • The “Highest Kill streaks” section in the Daily Scores Contest on the Scoreboards will now Display the kill streaks properly.
  • A bug that caused “Get X kill streaks” & “Get X kill streaks” titles to not unlock when actually reaching it is now working fine, all those titles can be unlocked.

  • The wrong Gem/Silver stall at Donator Zone have been removed.
  • Blast Fusion hammer is now Required (again) in order to create a dragon platebody from the ruined dragon lump pieces.

  • The Teleblock timer will now show up when you get teleblocked by The Untouchable.

  • You can no longer use ::gotask for the Wilderness Ankou task.
  • The Salmon overhead display at Mackerel fishing spots at Donator Zone, Karamja & Catherby have been replaced by a Mackerel display.

  • The following Summoning pouches will now spawn their right summoner:
    ·        Ibis Pouch
    ·        Dreadfowl pouch
    ·        Beaver pouch

  • The Forge regent summoner animation bug has been fixed.
  • Each dragon will now drop their right set of dragonhides.

New requirements

  • You now can use the gap at the Abyssal Abyss with 50 agility as it should be (was somehow requiring lvl 80).
  • Twisted bow will now require a Ranged level of 75 as it should.
  • Elite void will now require the same stats as regular void as it should.
  • Occult Necklace will now require a Magic level of 70 as it should.
  • Polypore Staff will now require a Magic level of 75 as it should.

Collection log changes

  • Water staff has been added to the Sea Troll Queen collection log.

  • The dragon sq shield OR/SP kits have been added to the Barrows collection log.

  • The dragon full helm OR/SP kits have been added to the Castle wars collection log.

  • Avatar of magic/strength/range now have their own collection log instead of 1 together.

  • Looting bag has been added to the Venenatis collection log

Other changes

  • Slayer Vip tickets will now stack like mysterious boxes.

  • Skotizo will now drop noted uncut onyxes instead of unnoted.
  • You can now ::replace your Uncharged Trident of the seas with a working Trident of the seas.
  • Mining the shooting star will now give exp based on the star size, starting at about 2250 exp at size 9 and then going down with the star-size.

  • Kraken now will be 4x easier to kill than how it was before and won't be as OP compared to what it is on RS.
  • With this the droprate for Trident of the seas and a Kraken tentacle have been made a little more rare.

  • An issue allowing Super Donators to have 12 presets (Extreme donator only) instead of 8 as they should has been fixed, they can now only use 8 presets.
  • Bolt enchantment spells will now give a way better experience gain compared to before.
  • A box of summoning is now obtainable via skilling points shop for 200 points per box.

  • Leaving the fight caves will now give you the same effect as using a “Nurse” (restore stats, special, health,  ..)

  • Guthix cloak has been added to the medium scrolls droptable.
  • Greater demons have been added to the Revenant caves like they should be, replacing the double Lesser demons spot.

  • The time left until you can use your totem boosts again will now display in your quest tab -> information tab -> “Totem times”.

  • Entering Skotizo via the Catacombs of Kourend will now stop Skotizo from attacking you for 30 seconds in order to prevent you from dying in case the screen is still loading. Watch out, Skotizo will still be aggressive after the 30 seconds or until you attack him.
  • Auras will now drop more frequently for Ironman and HCIM, based on your status.
Now noteable

  • Tormented Bracelet
  • Amulet Of Torture
  • Necklace Of Anguish
  • Third Age Wand
  • Third Age Bow
  • Third Age Sword
  • Third Age Cape
  • Third Age Axe
  • Third Age Pickaxe
  • Pickaxe

With this ALMOST all the reported bugs that were reported & we could keep track of (& that could be fixed without PB's help) from previous reports 'should' be fixed.

If there is still a bug you know of that is happening that was not fixed in this update or if anything new comes up, please private message me or a staff member at Discord and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

More suggestions we've gotten through recently or in the past will be worked on the upcoming days.
2 months ago
Hello guys! 

We're here with some bug fixes that started happening last night after the update!

- Spam clicking the brazier no longer gives extra firemaking exp.
- Spam clicking knife + bruma logs no longer gives Wintertodt points/exp if you do so.
- A message popping up when killing any monster, regardless if they were on a slayer task or not, will now no longer give the red Superior slayer message, unless of course you actually have a chance at spawning a Superior slayer monster (& have it not unlocked yet).
- Fixed the alchemical Hydra not respawning properly, it'll respawn correctly again.
- Using a rock hammer on a Gargoyle will now work correctly,
- Using bag of salt on a rockslug will now work correctly.

- Fixed slayer ring not working from equipment operating
- Fixed slayer VIP ticket and other slayer rewards dropping behind some Bosses such as Vorkath, Sea Troll Queen, Kraken, ....
- Fixed the Tournament inventory glitching again sometimes, they should work again as before.
- A slayer exp gain bug regarding one of the Catacombs monsters has been fixed.
- Dying at Wintertodt will now make your items spawn in front of the door. Using Grave teleport will bring you to that spot too.
- Level 3s with 10 hp will now take damage at Wintertodt.
2 months ago
Hello guys!
Sorry for the delay, but I'm glad to announce that we're here with some bug fixes from last update and some new content already! 


The Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat.

The Wintertodt is considered to be a boss, not a minigame, and dying here is unsafe. The normal rules for loss of items applies, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status if they die here.

Level 50 Firemaking is required to participate in the Wintertodt fight.

Peeking through the gate will display the temperature inside, how much HP the Wintertodt has left and how many players are fighting the Wintertodt.

Getting there

You can tele to Wintertodt via the World map using the "Bosses" teleport. 
Run North from where you teleport to to the doors of Dinh.


Upon entering the Wintertodt, on your left side a HUD will appear in the top left of your screen.

  • Unlit fire - The brazier has not yet been lit.

  • Lit fire - The brazier has been lit.

  • Crafting icon - The brazier has been damaged and needs to be repaired.

  • Red magic hat - The pyromancer is able to damage the Wintertodt and does not require healing.

  • Transparant red magic hat - The pyromancer at that brazier has been incapacitated and needs to be healed.

Fighting the Wintertodt

The Wintertodt cannot be attacked by regular combat attacks; instead, you must help the pyromancers to drain its energy by maintaining the braziers around the prison. 
To do this, you must chop the roots of the Bruma tree found near the braziers to obtain bruma roots, optionally fletch them with a knife into more potent bruma kindling, then add them to the braziers.

Upon entering the Doors of Dinh, you can take supplies provided by the pyromancers from crates: hatchets (bronze-rune depending on your wcing lvl), hammers, knives, tinderboxes, and unfinished rejuvenation potions.

The Wintertodt will periodically cause you to take damage due to its seeping cold, and will occasionally send snowstorms that damage all players in their vicinity and can also damage pyromancers and destroy braziers. 
You can repair destroyed braziers with a hammer.

The pyromancers do not have a lot of health and will usually be incapacitated after taking three hits from the Wintertodt. 
If the pyromancer falls to 0 health it will be unable to damage the Wintertodt, and once the brazier goes out it cannot be relit until someone heals the pyromancer. 
They can be healed by giving them a dose of rejuvenation potion. 

The potion is made by using a bruma herb, found by picking Sprouting Roots east and west of the prison, on a rejuvenation potion (unf), which is found in crates upon entering the Doors of Dinh.

Damaging the Wintertodt

The Wintertodt will get weakened by the power of the bruma flames that are channeled by the pyromancers.
Thus it is important to keep the braziers lit and the pyromancers in good condition for the duration of the fight.

They can be lit with a tinderbox or Bruma Torch (reward from Supply crate), after which the flames have to get fueled by adding bruma roots or bruma kindling.

Wintertodt's attacks will occasionally damage the brazier and the pyromancer.
When broken, the brazier can be repaired with a hammer.
When injured, a pyromancer can be healed with a rejuvenation potion.

NOTE: The less players there are fighting the Wintertodt, the more damage you will deal vs it to even out the points/chance on killing it.

Wintertodt's attacks

The Wintertodt uses three different types of attacks during the fight:

  • Standard attack - All individual players will take periodic, mostly random damage. This damage will usually be taken about every 10–20 seconds, but can rarely strike multiple times in a row relatively rapidly, making it hard to heal without adequate food. The frequency of this attack lessens if at least three braziers are maintained, and if the Wintertodt's remaining energy is lower.

  • Brazier attack - Braziers will shatter when clusters of snow fall on them. A player standing next to a brazier when it shatters will take the same amount of damage as if snow had fallen on them. - sadly we won't have the snow effect like on 07 

  • Area attack - Snow will occasionally fall in random 3x3 spaces, which can be easily avoided by watching for clusters of falling snowflakes. If not avoided, it will deal roughly double the damage done from the periodic effect. If snow falls on a brazier, it will shatter; if it falls on a pyromancer, they will take damage.

Damage taken is based on your total Hitpoints and Firemaking levels, and is drastically reduced while wearing warm clothing to a minimum of around 10-15% of your Hitpoints level.

After killing the Wintertodt, it will respawn after 30 seconds.


The rewards for defeating the Wintertodt are based on your reward points acquired throughout the fight. 
You must collect a minimum of 500 points in order to be rewarded for your efforts.

  • The reward will consist of a supply crate and Firemaking experience (100x your level in Firemaking). 
  • A supply crate will give a minimum of two loots on the rewards table. 
  • Points above the minimum 500 will go towards extra reward rolls. 
  • A guaranteed extra roll is given for every 500 points. 

You earn experience and reward points based on the activities you perform during the battle. 
The following activities provide reward points:

Only exception -> Crafting exp instead of Construction exp as we do not have Construction in-game (yet).

Warm clothing

Throughout the fight, you will take intermittent passive damage as the cold of the Wintertodt begins to seep into your bones.
This passive damage is scaled to each player's levels, based on the sum of your Hitpoints and Firemaking levels as well as the number of braziers that are currently lit.
Wearing warm or winter-themed equipment will reduce the damage taken.

A minimum of four of these warm items need to be equipped in order to receive the best possible protection.

List of warm items possible to use vs Wintertodt

Head slot

Neck slot

Hands slot

Cape slot

Weapon slot

Shield slot

This item counts as warm clothing too

These items do NOT count as warm clothing


Succeeding in subduing the Wintertodt will reward everyone participating with Firemaking experience (Firemaking level * 100), as well as a supply crate, which is obtained by earning at least 500 points during the fight.

  • The crate will initially have two rewards inside. 
  • Every 500 additional points will guarantee an extra reward.
  • Additional points over each 500 threshold give a scaled percentage chance for an extra reward.
  • For example, 750 points would guarantee 2 rewards, plus a 50% chance at getting a third reward.
  • Your skill level will determine the rewards you'll get.
  • A summoning box, Papayas and dragon bones can be rewarded under "Other".

Phoenix pet

Collection log

New Boss pets

Venenatis Spiderling

You have a 1/2000 chance on each kill to get the pet. If you did not receive it by luck, after 2000 kills you will automatically unlock the pet.

Pet Smoke Devil

You have a 1/4000 chance on each kill to get the pet. If you did not receive it by luck, after 4000 kills you will automatically unlock the pet.

You can metamorphe the Smoke Devil pet!

Superior Slayer

Superior slayer monsters are more powerful versions of normal slayer monsters that have a 1/200 chance to spawn upon the death of one of its normal counterparts.
They will only occur while on a Slayer task.

You will first have to unlock the appearing of Superior Slayer monsters for 800 Slayer points at any given Slayer master.

All possible Superior Slayer monsters are found below.

Killing a superior slayer monster will reward you with a generous amount of Slayer experience — for most, but not all of them, this is about ten times the Hitpoints of the superior monster.

Once a superior slayer monster has spawned it is only attackable by you, no one else.

  • A superior monster will despawn in two minutes if you stays in the vicinity and do not attack it, or less than 30 seconds if you leave the area.
  • If you die while fighting it or teleport away, the monster will despawn soon after.

Once a superior slayer monster has appeared, another one will not spawn for you until it is killed or despawns.

  • In single combat areas, a superior slayer monster can be attacked even if you are under attack by another monster;
  • when this happens, the standard monster will stop attacking you.
  • In multicombat areas, it is possible for multiple superior slayer monsters to appear simultaneously if multiple monsters are killed at the same time.

Each superior slayer monster has:

  • a 1/25 chance to drop a Mist (providing air & water runes) or Dust (providing air & earth runes) battlestaff

  • a 1/50 chance to drop an imbued heart
  • a 100% chance of dropping a slayer VIP ticket

Monsters inside the Catacombs of Kourend will ALWAYS drop a Dark Totem.

List of Superior slayer monsters

Crawling hand -> Crushing hand
Cave crawler -> Chasm crawler
Banshee -> Screaming banshee
Twisted Banshee -> Screaming twisted banshee
Rock slug -> Giant rockslug
Cockatrice -> Cockathrice
Pyrefiend -> Flaming Pyrelord
Basilisk -> Monstrous basilisk
Infernal mage -> Malevolent mage
Bloodveld -> Insatiable bloodveld
Mutated Bloodveld -> Insatiable mutated Bloodveld
Jelly -> Vitreous Jelly
Warped Jelly -> Vitreous warped Jelly
Cave horror -> Cave abomination
Aberrant spectre -> Abhorrent spectre
Deviant spectre -> Repugnant spectre
Basilisk Knight -> Basilisk Sentinel
Dust devil -> Choke devil
Kurask -> King kurask
Gargoyle -> Marble gargoyle
Nechryael -> Nechryarch
Greater Nechryael -> Nechryarch
Abyssal demon -> Greater abyssal demon
Dark beast -> Night beast
Smoke devil-> Nuclear smoke devil


The following items can now be replaced to their right form with the "::replace" command while holding them in your inventory:

  • Noted sara brews
  • Hammer
  • Pernix chaps (since last update)

Equipment slot fix

  • Black navy slacks will now go into the right Equipment slot.

Pvp tournament

  • The Main NH & pure NH preset will now have 10k diamond bolts (e) as preset again.

Discord bug fixes

  • The Pvp_tournament_ping tag will now correctly ping players with the tag & give them a notification.

Skilling bug fix

  • You now have 10x more chance to unlock a golden chinchompa pet when metamorphing it.
  • A bug regarding traps not being able to set up for Hunter has been fixed, Hunter should fully function well again.

Slayer bug fixes

  • All the new Slayer tasks should now give exp and count towards the task.

  • Dagannoths in Catacombs are now attackable.

  • ::gotask command has been removed for the monsters in the Catacombs.
  • An issue requiring 170 Slayer to slay 2 Black demons at the Catacombs has been fixed.
  • Dreanips will now display their proper Slayer level requirement (70) if not reached yet.

  • Deathspawns from Greater Nechryaels will now vanish if a player teleports away or moves away for too long.