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2 days ago

Hello beloved players! My sincerest apologies for the large delays between updates recently. I ensure you I aim to release something most weeks from now onwards. So rest assured you guys will not be left waiting in the future!

Wilderness chest

As it was voted in by the poll, you now will be able to receive sagittaran, celestial, and primal pieces from the Wilderness chests.

Pking Rewards
Up untill now when someone gets a kill in the wilderness they would have a chance of getting a reward such as, lucky items, or pvp armours. I've scrapped that all together.

Now when you kill someone you will have a random chance of an item of the new pking rewards table. This table has 6 tiers! here are the rewards:

Tier 1:
100-200 x Noted Rocktail
100-200 x Karambwan
100-150 x Onyx bolts (e)
25-50 x corrupt Morrigans thrownaxe
1 x a random barrows set
1 x Flameburst defender
100 - 300 x hand cannon shot
1 x bloody key
1 x Onyx ring (i)
1 x Elder robes peice
1 x Saradomin sword
5 x Helm of Neitznot
1 x Abyssal Whip
1 x Amulet of Fury
1 x Dragon Boots

Tier 2:

1 x Berserker Ring
1 x Seers Ring
1 x Archers Ring
750 - 1500 x Blood money
1 x Amulet of Ranging
1 x Dagon'hai peice

Tier 3:
1 x Berserker Ring (i)
1 x Seers Ring (i)
1 x Archers Ring (i)

1000 - 2000 x Blood money
1 x hand cannon
1 x staff of light

Tier 4:
1 x Ganodermic peice
1 x Korasi's Sword
1 x Ragefire Boots
1 x Glaiven Boots
1 x Steadfast Boots

Tier 5:
1 x Amulet of Torture
1 x Occult Necklace
1 x Dragon Claws
1 x Chaotic weapon

Tier 6: 
1 x Primal 2H Sword
1 x Primal Longsword
1 x Primal Rapier
1 x Primal Maul

Blood Money Shop

The blood money shop has been rather dull for quite some time now so it has had some new items added and has been seperated into tabs:

Wilderness boss & Avatar Drop tables

All of the wilderness bosses will drop bloody keys far more often aswell have had some new items added:


Wyrm tracker

You will now be able to check the PvM section of the quest tab to find if the Wildy Wyrm is spawned and which location it is in.

Also now the Tome of Fire will make spells damage %50 more and also count as unlimited fire runes
And the handcannon has been buffed! it will not explode!
1 week ago

For the past while I have been working on trying to improve the current slayer NPC drops. The purpose of this rework is to make slayer more profitable overall, especially the higher end NPC’s of slayer.

While I have some ideas myself, I’d also like to see what everyone else thinks should be added to these NPCs drop tables but remember, the idea is to KEEP slayer profitable, adding items as a common drop has an effect on items prices over time.

While I'm looking for items that can be added to many different slayer NPC's , if you have any suggestions for specific NPCs, please use this format

Npc Name:
What item should be added:
Why should it be added:
Where else do one get those items:

Please PM me any suggestions on discord that you feel would be worth while adding. My tag is Jaiz (kyle) #6085
As said before, All good things must come to an end, and im afraid my end as a Ingame Staff member is today. It was an honor to have been staff in the first place, i would like to thank Tyler and Saim for giving me that chance. I've had alot of laughs with the staff team aswell as with our community, and i have to thank everyone for those great moments.

But, my IRL has gotten way to busy to be able to keep my rank, i havent had the chance to be on for the past month and so we decided this was best.

There are still some special people i would like to thank:

Lego: I've probably had the most laughs with you. Even tho your resignation ended a bit annoying, i still love ya mate!

Jaiz: You've probably helped me the most of all (you and Sir wizard ofc), and i want to thank you for everything you've done for me, for every question i had, you always had an answer, i still dont know how you do it! We'll for sure still talk man! <3

Sir Wizard: You helped me since my beginning a couple years ago, but i didnt really stick around back then, but when i came back, you helped me in every single situation again, Thank you for everything! <3

Charlie and Matt m8: You both are the most random, but loveliest people i've ever met. Charlie, i remember camping Zilyana with you 24/7 trying to get the pet, but never actually getting it. And matt, every single conversation i have with you is, at first we call each other out in public, then we do it on pm a bit more, and then an actual convo starts. I love you both! I know we'll still talk alot.

Saim: I knew you from way back, think back then you just got SS, but when i came back, about a year later, you were still there, kicking it, you've also helped me alot, and you were the one that promoted me. Thank you for everything you've done for me, and the community!

Tyler: I remember you from way back aswell, i once asked you for staff tips back when you were still an SS, you were always the fastest when it came to prices, locations etc.
You've given me the chance to be staff, and you've helped me alot aswell, Thank you for everything!!

Pb600: You are the reason we are all here, you've done so many great things and i believe alot more will come.

And ofcourse, i want to thank our community, you're the reason we are still here to this day! Thank you to everyone for the great moments!

Goodluck in the future everyone!
2 weeks ago

This month has been mainly about creating new pages to keep up with the influx of new items. We have also been adding more NPC pages.

New pages:
Dragon Pickaxe
Frost Dragons
Rune Arrow
Mithril Dragons
Loop Half Crystal Key
Tooth Half Crystal Key
Red Dragon
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Rune Battleaxe
Abyssal Demon
Dark Beasts
Ancient Dungeon
Fire Giant
Blood Runes

As you can see we make a lot of new item pages every month. Yes there are still a lot missing but it will take time before we have a page ready for each item and NPC.

The max setups page has had a vast revamp Max setups

The prices list had a big update. We would like to thank Fruitcake our friendly neighborhood Trial Moderator for assisting us with this. With the introduction of Player Owned Shops (POS) it has made it hard to give guide prices on items due to them fluctuating a lot.

I would to congratulate Dannyx on becoming our new Wikipedia Manager. I have been the manager now for a very long time and feel it is time for someone new to step up. This was not a decision I made lightly. It was a very tough choice between Ben and Danny. They have both been loyal and put an extreme amount of effort into myself and the Wikipedia. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you both and I thank you for all your hard work you have both put in. 

- Ryan 

4 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

Today Fruitcake has been promoted to the Trial Moderator rank.
Kyle has been a server support for a few months now and has consistently helped maintain a positive and helpful environment for Etherum.
The length of the trial period is based on the actions of Kyle in the following weeks and his ability to handle situations.

Congratulations Kyle.