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Jordy: Small website update - Support improved
6 months ago
Hello guys,

Today I worked a little on the website, there were some minor bugs that I resolved (some of these are only visible to staff members).
I've introduced the support page on our main website, we will be adding more support guides in the coming weeks.
All these guides are dynamically loaded and can easily be added, meaning that staff members later will be able to add and edit these guides if something changes.

You guys might have also noticed that our website was really unstable yesterday and the day before that, we are currently being DDoS attacked and are working hard on solving the issue.
The issue seems to be under control now and we'll keep monitoring the attacks to prevent downtimes of our website! We will be moving to a new way stronger server very soon when we've got some things covered!

Thanks for your time and please if you have any suggestions for the website PLEASE send them through, I will be looking at it!

Pb600: Etherum Update - Forums | RSGP transactions | Combat Changes!
6 months ago

Hey Guys,

On today's update we will be bringing lots of exciting news!

The forum is back available, thanks to Jordy and Byron efforts.

Make sure to check out the forum at
In order to login you may just use your old username and password, in case you are not able to log-in you should request a password reset and the new password will be sent to your e-mail.
As voted by the majority, the forum will be starting clean.

New Ranks
Byron and Jordy will be receiving an in-game programmer rank.

RSGP transaction

RSGP transaction is now allowed, we will let you guys define the rates.
Note: RSGP transactions should be performed with an official middleman, you can check online middlemen list typing ::checkmms


Edward will now sell PK Cosmetics for free, team capes and colored hats and boots are available.

Sharks are now sold for free at PK supply store and Food Store.

PK Coins rewarding

PKers will now gain 300K for achieving a 5 kill streak.
PKers will now gain 300K every 10 Kills.

Wild Wyrm

Wildy Wyrm healing rates were reduced to make it a bit easier.


Some improvements on clan saving were applied, hopefully no more rollbacks.
The clan name will now appear on the clan interface as used to happen.
Now players will join the latest clan from Weapon Game.

Clan Kill Progress

Clans will now have a wilderness kill count.
A kill count is computed only at multi-wilderness when there are at least 5 teammates nearby.
Kills of the clan teammates will not be computed.
Clans kill count will be ranked on our highscores.

* this is a beta feature and clan progress may be reset if needed *

Clan Friendly Fire

Clan chat settings interface has received two new options:

Wild-multi friendly fire

Prevents players from attacking clan teammates with the left click mouse button at multi-combat wilderness area.

WeaponGame friendly fire

Absolutely prevents from attacking clan teammates at Weapon Game arena.


Factory Mask item is now rendering properly.
The voting poll is less transparent now and support multiple details lines.

Jordy: Etherum Website Update - Lots of additions and fixes!
6 months ago

There are a few things that were added to our website in the short time that we've been Etherum.
Our first big change is that ban appeals are now being done through the website you're at at this moment!
If you ever get punished and you'd like to appeal your punishment, weather it's a jail, ban or mute, you simply login here with your ingame details and you'll find your punishments at your dashboard!

These are the screens that you will go through when creating an appeal, our staff members will now be able to see your appeal in a protected area and decide weather they accept or deny it!

If it all went well and the staff member decided to unban you, you will recieve a private message!

Furthermore I've worked on some other important things, I've heard that the marketplace wasn't working, the marketplace is now fully working again!

Pb600 also asked me to add a year option for super donator, you can now get a year of super donator for $49.99!

And we've added a good referral system so we can track better where our players come from and see when they leave!

That's it for now, I hope you like the updates!
Your web developer Jordy
Pb600: Etherum Update - Combat changes and more!
6 months ago

Hello Guys, a few more news are coming today!

Combat Changes

Now players are able to set their own combat stats level by clicking over the skill.

Note that by doing this will disclassify the skill from the scores and cannot be reversed.
In order to make your level eligible to be ranked, you will have to set your level back to 1 and HP back to 10!

Pack Yak is now visible past wilderness level 30.
Players can now use the Pack Yak scroll special to deposit items on bank every 1 minute. (Old system is still working)

Wolpertinger is now available at wilderness as voted by the community in a poll.

Corrupt gear will now take 3x longer to degrade (Vesta, Statius, Morrigan, Zuriel, Dragon)
Free untradable items no longer will be collected into the Reaper collection, avoiding lots of worthless items there.


We have added an option to purchase Super Donator for one year at donation store!

Dwarf Multicannon

The Dwarf multicannon no longer will decay in case player attempt to pickup without enough inventory space.
Now dwarf multicannon can be placed at Rock Crabs area, since we have better places for beginners to train at.

Training Dungeon Store

The training dungeon store items prices were reduced.
Now there's Overload and Prayer renewal available


New commands are available: 'train', 'pksupply', 'presets';
Now staff is able to see all latest newcommer within a list, displaying for how long they have stayed playing.
Now once experience is locked, combat experience will no longer be multiplied by 10.
'Roll reward' was renamed to 'Roll sortition' to be easier to locate.
Now there's a really quick feedback requested to our newcomers when they are leaving the game.

Pb600: Etherum Update - Sir Vant shop and many more!
6 months ago

Hello Guys,

Today Byron is starting to take part on some of the game development and soon we may be seeing some updates coming from him, we are finally on the way to have the second developer that was so requested by you guys!

Lets talk about the updates now.

Sir Vant

Sir vant has received a 'quick teleport' option and a store to spend the training points at.

Training Dungeon Store

Note that to gain training dungeon points, players should kill the assigned targets inside Sir Vant's dungeon, once players kill 5 assignments in the given time in a row, an effect is enabled and player gain two training points!

Combat Updates

A problem with combat freeze spells not freezing instantly was fixed.
Players running no longer can attack from distance when froozen.
The spawnable items were been given some value so player calculed wealth will not be 'none' and targets will be assigned.

Yell Credits

Yell Credits at participation point shop price was reduced to 250 pp

50 Yell credits are now available at voting store for 50 points.

Other changes

Ring of Wealth and all other drop boosts was improved.
Onyx ring(i) keep priority was reduced.
The monk at Edgeville will now request bank PIN in case player has account secured.
New players will now start with private 'on' so can be assisted by other players.
Staff team will now get better notified about new players.
Focus sight should now be dropped by the Desert Strykewryms