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2 weeks ago

Hey guys!

Today I'm just releasing some quick fixes and new event types!

HP Event

Players can donate items to start an event, the minimum pot value must be 5B and 3 items!
The HP Event boss will spawn at Corporeal Beast lair or at a random location in the Wilderness.
Upon death all the rewards will be split between the top 3 damagers.

The boss have 300 of defense stats (defense bonus), so it's good to have a proper gear and accuracy!

Puzzle Event

The Puzzle Event starts once a total pot of 3B gets cumulated, the first player to complete the puzzle will get the whole pot!

The same image and shuffle order will be used on all players!


  • Players will now only get vote penalty if they miss over 4 days of voting.
  • Now the shortcut at premium training map will work properly

  • Raw Anglerfish can now be noted at Resources Area.
  • The cats were removed from Mystery boxes.
3 weeks ago

Hey guys, today's update is based on all latest players suggestions, we will be releasing more suggestions and bug fixes soon!

  • The instance creation price was reduced by 50% for both modes.

  • There will be no cost to switch from Phosani's nightmare to regular one.

Wilderness Resource Area

The wild resource area is now fully functional again.


There's now a spot to fish anglerfishes.

A new global task allows to challenge players to beat XP gain at wild area


  • Now Zamorak Brew can be mixed.

  • Super Combat Potion (4) can now be mixed.

  • Anti-venom+ potion mix ingredients were changed to Antivenom + Clean Torstol.


  • Hunter brawling gloves was added to Brawlers chest rewards.
  • Skill task master has now left click quick actions

Completionist Cape (t)

The stats of completionist cape (t) were improved

  • Kristilia will now assign Revenants as task.
  • TzTok-Jad was added to Boss Slayer tasks.

  • Callisto defence was nerfed.
  • A nurse was added to ::train area.
  • Alchemical Hydra will drop now 3 hydra bones.
  • The price of herbs cleaning was reduced.
  • Inquisitor Mace no longer will suffer damage absorption from Cerberus.
  • Neitznot Faceguard item can now be dismantiled.
  • Fixed Bork not accepting broken Dharok Greataxe.
  • Venenatis defence against mage was increased.
  • Venenatis stun frequency was reduced.
  • Tormented Bracelet is available on Premium Store as requested.
  • Rune Pouch will only be permanently lost at wilderness.
  • Toolkit & Aura Chest items were added to Participation store

  • Kodai Wand will now provide infinite Water Spells as supposed to.
  • Chaos Elemental and Jungle Demon respawn delay was decreased.
  • You may now hold CTRL on a Combat NPC and be able to see the monster drop table.

  • Royal Crossbow stats were improved

  • Regular Hydras will no longer ignore single-area combat.
  • Fixed a Wyrm not counting as slayer progress.
  • Fixed a problem where flaming aura would cook 4 fishes when player only had one raw in the inventory.
3 weeks ago

Hello Guys! As promised we are getting the Global Task update this week!

Global Tasks

The global task system, allows any player to create a Global Task, you can set the goal and place the rewards that winner will get, pretty much like PvP tournament events.

Like PvP tournament, every item must be worth at least 500M coins.
(Points & scores will be added for creating a task (50 per 500M offered) and 25 for completing a task, those points may be used for some store in the future.

The global tasks can be accessed from Desk Tab

There are plenty of tasks options that you can select to create!

Once you select a task, it will request to define a goal, each task has a minimum - maximum goal that you can put.

Available tasks will appear on first tab, the green bar shows your progress, and the bellow red bar displays the current task leader progress!

Finally at the History tab you can follow previous tasks winners

New Tasks

We have added a couple new tasks to the game!

  • Task Demander - Create 5 Global Tasks.
  • Task Hungry - Complete 10 Global Tasks
  • Hot Dog - Kill Cerberus 50 times.
  • Gryffindor - Kill Zulrah 50 times.
  • It is a Nightmare - Participate on a Nightmare kill.
  • Lucky Catch - Catch 5 lucky implings.
  • Animal Hunter - Catch 200 hunter animals.
  • Lucky Hand - Win a Rock, Paper and Scissor game.
  • Twenty one Attempts - Win a Blackjack game hitting 21.
  • Discording - Claim a daily discord reward.
  • The Last Survival - Join a Battle Royale Game.

Ironman will auto-complete Lucky Hand and Twenty one Attempts task!
The Hot Dog and Gryffindor tasks will unlock two new pets.

Ironman is now able to play Duo Slayer with other Iromens.

That's it for today guys! Hope you guys like this update, and it makes the overall game more active and rewarding!

Stay tuned for more news! We now have latest OSRS items, such as Traibalizer items and more!
1 month ago

Hey guys, today we are releasing some bug fixes and QoL updates, most of them suggested by you guys! 

  • Farming was slighly reworked, now the same system works on multiple places, Catcherby's farming is working like DZ farming!
  • Magic seateurs now also works at Catcherby

  • Hosters can now set to guest always hit first at BlackJack.

  • Born to Die will now complete automatically for Hardcore Ironman
  • Akrisae will now charge 50K to reset penalties on HCIM and 500K for regular Ironman.

  • Mystery box price was reduced from 1K to 250 participation points.
  • Dragon weapons are now available at Melee Store.
  • "Partner" option was added to slayer helmets and black mask. (Sadly there's no more option space for Ring of Slaying)
  • Inquisitor's items stats were adjusted and wear requirements added. (Plateskirt was improved)
  • Cerberus drop table was adjusted, now primordial crystal should no longer drop more frequently than others.
  • Infernal items were removed from Premium Chests.
  • The Lottery entry price was increased to 250M
  • The Bork dragon dagger type was changed to DDS(p++)

  • Slayer task extending feature is now working properly.
  • Fixed an issue on preset system allowing to withdraw a shield over 2H weapon.
  • Fixed zamorakian hasta item icon at Slayer Shop displaying Zamorak Spear instead.
  • The title "the Alchemical' was fixed, it can be used now!
  • Some game typos were fixed.
  • Noted armadyl crossbow will now stack properly.
  • Noted Polypore staff will now stack properly.
  • Server will no longer announce kill count on rare items when the KC is not tracked. (KC: 0)
  • The following tasks were fixed: 'Lucky Trip'
  • Fixed a possible way of being invulnerable at Tournament
  • Fixed the names on Tournament Specate interface.
  • Fixed wrong HP display on Tournament.
  • Fixed the archer's ring (i) item ID on blood coin store... ::replace will replace OSRS archer's ring with regular one.
  • Fixed Dwarf Cannon not rotating.

  • Prayer absorption will appear on hitbox as soaked damage, that way you can tell if the damage was soaked by prayer in time.

  • Just a reminder that there's a setting to show or hide absorption icon

Coming really soon!

1 month ago

We have decided to promote Icarly65 to Elite moderator.  Chris has been doing a phenomenal job and puts in a lot of effort with what is needed in-game and out.  

Also, both Flashdevill11 and Zoiezo are being promoted to Moderators.  Both have shown the characteristics we look for in a moderator.  They have been doing an excellent job in their current role as Trial-moderators.  

I have no doubt Icarly, Flashdevil11 and Zoiezo will have no issues with their new roles.  Both Elite moderator and moderator have much more responsibilities attached to them.