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20 hours ago
Hello everyone.

Today Fruitcake has been promoted to the Trial Moderator rank.
Kyle has been a server support for a few months now and has consistently helped maintain a positive and helpful environment for Etherum.
The length of the trial period is based on the actions of Kyle in the following weeks and his ability to handle situations.

Congratulations Kyle.
1 day ago

Hey guys! On this update I have focused on adjusting things and fixing bugs instead of bringing many new content, however I'm sure you guys will love the changes and fixes.

Premium Chests

The premium chests were fully reworked, with the purpose of granting at least a fair reward based on the price of the chest yet providing very great chances of gaining extra rewards!

Tier system

There are 1-7 classified tiers.
Each tier contains a few sets of items, a single chest can reward many different tiers so theorically a player could receive over 16 items from a single chest reward.

Each chest grants 100% of chance of rewarding a tier table and a smaller chance of rewarding bigger tiers tables.

Bronze: Tier 1 rewards are granted.
Silver: Tier 2 rewards are granted.
Gold: Tier 3 rewards are granted.
Grand chest: Tier 4 rewards are granted.

A tier 1 chest can reward items from tier 2-6 for example
A tier 2 chest can reward items from tier 1-6.
A tier 3 chest can reward items from tier 3-7.
A tier 4 chest can reward items from tier 4-7.

The better the chest the better are the chances of next tier to be rewarded, extreme donator has a very decent boost on those chances.

Bellow I'll show a picture containing all the tiers probability and tier sets. (Sets are rewarded all at once, such as full bandos)

Chests Opening

The chest rewards seems to be very good, so we may increase the chest prices in the future.

Bonesack (e) 

The enchanted bonesack is an unique reward from Premium Chests, the bonesack provides 25% of chances that the dropped bones will be doubled.

Money Pouch

The money pouch limits were increased.

Regular Players: 8b
Donators: 10b
Super Donators: 15b
Extreme Donators: 20b

Meaning that the new pouch limit is 30b for extreme donators that have purchased all pouch space buffs



The pet will now be dropped now by the Nex!

Corporeal Beast 

The pet will now be dropped by the corporeal beast!

Twisted Fire starter

The twisted fire starter can be obtained from Premium Chest.
Perhaps it will automatically burn ground logs in the future.

Trivia command

The trivia command was reworked to provide better rewards and use a rarity table system.

tier 1 - 40% Chances
- Raw Sharks: 80-120
- Adamant ores: 100 - 150
- Maple logs: 200-270
- Dragon Bones: 10-15
- Raw Swordfish: 200-250

tier 2 - 30% Chances

- Raw Sharks: 200-300
- Rune Ores: 60-80
- Cooked Rocktails: 50-60
- Raw Rocktails: 45-55
- Dragon Bones: 15-25

tier 3 - 20% Chances

- Raw Karambwans: 40-50
- Cooked Karambwans: - 50-60
- Uncut Onix - 1
- Dragon Bones: 45-50
- Frost Dragon Bones: 13-16

tier 4 - 10% Chances

- Berserker Ring
- Amulet of Fury
- Dragon Boots
- Dragon platelegs

tier 5 - 5% Chances

- Dharok Set
- Abyssal Whip
- Neitznot helm
- Squeal of Fortune Ticket
- Mystery Box
- Perfect dragon scale: 5-15
- Slayer VIP ticket.
- Skip Ticket
- Crystal Key

tier 6 - 1% Chances

- Zamorakian Spear
- Bandos godsword
- Bandos tassets
- Bandos chestplate
- Dragonfire Shield

tier 7 - 0,5% Chances

- Blast fusion hammer
- 1 OSRS token

Thieving Stalls

Crossbow stall requirement has been changed to level 95 thieving.


As community requested on ::poll 24 the Granite Maul accuracy was nerfed.

As community requested on ::poll 25, the hand cannon special was customized from original RS system.
The damage and accuracy was slighly improved and it will always deal double hits on any combat style.
The Granite Maul accuracy was nerfed.

Player Owned Shop

Prices like 4,500k were converted to 4.5m to avoid confusions


Supporters should now appear on ::staffonline command.
Supporters can now toggle combat mode at wilderness.

Rune Chest

Now you can still open Rune Chest if you have the runes in your inventory.
That allows you to put 10 Rune Chests and open all them at once, whilst before you'd be forced to have 12 empty slots.

Squeal of Fortune

Extreme donators can now withdraw SoF credits into SoF tickets!

Trade Event

Players can now only host one event per minute.

Bonus experience locking

Now players can right click the XP orb and toggle bonus XP blocking.

Premium Store

A problem where premium points tickets would get discounts was fixed.
Point economist aura is working again as usual.

Ring of Suffering

The ring of suffering was charging however was not casting the retaliation, now it's working properly.


Skilling actions no longer will be interrupted when player adds | remove a friend or ignore.

Quick Drop

The quick drop system was improved to always display 'Quick Drop' when shift is pressed over an item.
The previous system had some flaws in case an item had more options than usual such as Coins.

Quick Use

Players can now hold CTRL + SHIFT and a 'quick use' option will be primary, that way players can quickly use an item on another including wearables.

Looting Bag

A problem where an item would disappear when deposited on a full looting bag was fixed.
A problem where stackables deposited on looting bag would fully disappear even when the deposited amount was not the total amount of items on the inventory.

Server Tasks

Hopefully a problem of server tasks dieing resulting in voting lottery not working and discord rewards not reseting is now fixed.

Voting Lottery

Now that voting lottery may be fixed, the system has changed to a chance based per item, meaning that boxing gloves are more rare to be obtained, since the previous bug has made the boxing gloves quite rare and valuable.

Tome of Fire

Tome of fire now provides infinite fire runes spells.

Vanguard Gloves

Now vanguard gloves has equipment bonuses.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Now Thermonuclear smoke devil will render properly on NPC kill tracker.

Beach boxing gloves

The beach boxing gloves can now be traded and will be placed on the proper slots!

Clan area

The instanced clan area is now multi combat, meaning that staff can host some boss events there.


Now when player opens a cracker it will broadcast to everyone the found prize!

Coins Payment

Lots of places were improved to remove coins from pouch rather than require player to have coins on the inventory.
Such as: Potion Decanting, Lottery, Sir Vant, Yanille Tramp, Dark Mage (Pouch repair), Tanner and more!

Double Charms

The double charms effects was not working for charms dropped from constant drop table, it's now fixed.

Skilling Tasks

The tasks to bury Frost dragon bones were removed.
The tasks to fish karambwans were made easier.

Frost Dragons

The vote requirement was removed from frost dragons lair entrance, it's available to anyone now.

Infernal Tools and Dragon Harpoon

Now those items are tradeable.


Combat Block feature will no longer block Prayer Experience.
Enchanted Water tiara will now be positioned at the proper slot.
OSRS Tokens action was changed from 'Redeem' to 'Info' to avoid confusion.
'Fremenik' teleport was renamed to 'Rellekka'.
Dungeoneering master cape can now be traded.

Time Tracker

Time tracker no longer will have right click options when an in-game screen interface is open.
That prevents it from being annoying during banking actions ("Remove" option replacing "Deposit bonesack" etc)


The coins rewarding fallback system was reworked to initially attempt to put coins on pouch, then inventory, then bank and lastly if the total amount could not be stored, it will be placed in the collect box at 'recover' tab.
Coins no longer will be dropped on the floor in that case, the last resort will be collection box.

That solves an issue with players losing cash at gambling when they don't have any space left to hold it on their account.

Drop Table

Nex drop pieces were lowered from 1/200 to 1/100 rarity!

Wiki Commands

Wiki commands have lots of aliases to access different guides, Dannyx was able to provide us the aliases mapping to the URLs.

::wiki command , ::wiki commands , ::wiki cmd – Direct to command page.
::wiki bestiary , ::wiki monster – Directs to the Bestiary page.
::wiki boss – Directs to Boss list page
::wiki clue – Directs to Clue Scroll guide page.
::wiki boosts , ::wiki events – Directs to the event promotion tracker page.
::wiki star – Directs to Shooting Star page.
::wiki setup – Directs to Max Setup page.
::wiki aura – Directs to Auras page.
::wiki prestige – Directs to Prestige Points page.
::wiki discord – Directs to Discord Points page.
::wiki money – Directs to Money Making page.
::wiki agility , ::wiki agi – Directs to Agility Skilling page.
::wiki cooking – Directs to Cooking Skilling page.
::wiki crafting – Directs to Cooking Skilling page.
::wiki farming , ::wiki farm – Directs to Farming Skilling page.
::wiki firemaking , ::wiki fm – Directs to Firemaking Skilling page.
::wiki fishing , ::wiki fish – Directs to Fishing Skilling page.
::wiki fletching – Directs to Fletching Skilling page.
::wiki herblore , ::wiki herb – Directs to Herblore Skilling page.
::wiki magic , ::wiki mage – Directs to Magic Skilling page.
::wiki mining – Directs to Mining Skilling page.
::wiki prayer , ::wiki pray – Directs to Prayer Skilling page.
::wiki runecrafting , ::wiki rc – Directs to Runecrafting Skilling page.
::wiki slayer – Directs to Slayer Skilling page.
::wiki smithing – Directs to Smithing Skilling page.
::wiki summoning , ::wiki sum – Directs to Summoning Skilling page.
::wiki thieving – Directs to Thieving Skilling page.
::wiki woodcutting , ::wiki wc – Directs to Woodcutting Skilling page.


Another good news is that there are a few clans looking forward to come back to the game, meaning that I'll be taking some attention to clan system improvements and hopefully in the near future we will have clan wars, clan zones, clan shops! So make sure to join a clan and be ready for those content!
2 days ago

Hey guys and gals,

All good things must come to an end at some point and today is the day that happens for me. Unfortunately my life has gotten too busy recently to be able to log online and complete my duties. Today I will be resigning from my Trial Moderator rank in-game. I will try to hop on to chat when I can but I can't say how often this will be. I'm going to keep this short as again I don't have much time. I would like to thank you all for standing by me.

For now this is the end.

-Ryan <3
1 week ago

Hello my friends!! Today we have a few new exiting updates for you all, so let's get right into it!


For a while now we have felt that the premium points shop has been lacking in content. So we have decided to add a new type of items, Premium chests!! there are 4 types of premium chests; Bronze chest, Silver chest, Gold chest, and Grand chest! the bronze chest will reward 1 item, the silver chest 2 items, the gold chest 3 items, and the grand chest will reward 5 items, two of them are guaranteed to be high-tier items. The rewards from these chests are ALL valuable.

Extreme donators have a small chance of receiving an extra item, no matter which chest they have opened!

Here are just Some of the Higher tier rewards

All the chests will be able to get high tier rewards, however when you open a Grand chest you will be garunteed to get 2 high tier rewards!

Here are some images of some loot obtained from chests.

Bronze chest

10k prem points

Silver chest
20k prem points

Gold chest
40k prem points

Epic chest
80k prem points

Finally the last wilderness boss has been completed. A teleport has been added in the bosses category. He is located in level 53 Wilderness near the scorpion pit.

When fighting Vet'ion he has two forms, his normal form and a reborn form which is orange. On the first form when he reaches half hp he will spawn two skeletal hellhounds which you have to defeat before you can carry on the fight. once you defeat the first form he will respawn as his orange reborn form, when he reaches half hp he will spawn two greater skeletal hellhounds which you will need to defeat before you can finish the fight. 

There has been two pets added for the Vet'ion boss, one is his reborn and one is his normal form. They both have the same chance of being obtained.

In his drop table is a new OSRS items which has not been featured ingame before. The Staff of the Dead, he also has some of the best chances for getting wilderness keys.

The special for the Staff of the Dead is the same as the Staff of Light, however it will last for a minute no matter what weapon you are weilding it will not be cancelled if you remove the staff.


Skilling tasks are similar to slayer in the fact that you are assigned a task to complete. The task manager is located at ::ge. You can ask her for an assignment which she will give you based on your levels (So you won't be asked to mine adamant ores when you have 20 mining). The task amounts will also scale based on your level aswell. She can assign you with tasks in almost every skill. 

Once you complete your task you will be able to visit her to collect your reward. Also once you complete the task you will be rewarded a large exp drop in the skill that your task was, it the amount of exp received will be calculated based on the difficulty of the task, you will also receive participation points based on the difficulty of the task. There are some AMAZING rewards available!

 You can check how many skilling tasks you have completed in the information tab. Aswell you can also check what your current skilling task is in the help desk tab! If you are lucky enough to receive a skip ticket you can use that to skip your current skilling task. They are obtained as skilling task rewards. Good luck!

Here are some of the better unique rewards


The wilderness chest rewards and drop rates previously were not so good, so i've decided to revamp it entirely! From now the drop rates of wilderness keys have increased sligthly, aswell they have been added as common drops to the wildy wyrm. Here are some of the new rewards available from the wilderness chest.

Wilderness set

Some of you may recognize these items as the rewards for elite diaries on OSRS, we have buffed and renamed them as wilderness armours. They have some really amazing bonuses!

As well as these items have really good stats, they also have a set effect which is enabled when you are in the wilderness and are wearing the sword + 2 more items, the effect gets stronger the more items you are wearing. THIS EFFECT ONLY WORKS ON NPCS. The wilderness sword also has it's own very cool special attack. Which will attack all npcs in a 1 square radius with lethal precision.

Ward upgrade kit

The ward upgrade kit can be used with the Malediction ward, and the Odium ward which will give a cool Cosmetic upgrade.

Hunters Honour - Rogues Revenge

Another two unique wildy chest rewards are the Hunters Honour, and Rogues Revenge, these items are purely cosmetic

Saradomin's Tear

Finally the saradomins tear is a rare reward which can be applied to a Saradomin Sword to yeild a Blessed Saradomin's Sword. The sword has much better stats than the Saradomin Sword and also has a buffed spec. It attacks at the same speed as an Abyssal Whip which will make it a great PKing weapon.

Other miscellaneous new wildy chest rewards include:

  •  Loop key
  •  Tooth key
  •  Abyssal Whip
  •  Hand Cannon
  •  Hand cannon shot
  •  Dragon Boots
  •  Blood Money x 20k
  •  Coins x 10m
  •  Frost Dragon Bones (50 - 150)
  •  Raw Mantaray (75 - 100)
  •  Combat Ring
  •  Combat Potion (5 - 25)
  •  Mage's Book
  •  Dragon Arrow (75 - 200)
  •  Raw Rocktail (40 - 60)
  •  Runite Ore (20 - 500)
  •  Adamantite Ore (20 - 500)
  •  Ahrim's Set
  •  Torag's Set
  •  Guthan's Set
  •  Verac's Set
  •  Dharok's Set
  •  Karil's Set

Wilderness Slayer updates

  • All broken tasks have been fixed
  • Vet'ion task added
  • Scorpion task added
  • Scorpions spawned inside the scorpion pit
  • Bears spawned in wildy near GE

Item Buffs
 All Zenyte Jewelery has been buffed!

The void set effect has been buffed!
The Crystal Halberd spec has been buffed to be more effective against large npcs and is now tradeable
Antlers will now be consumed by the amulet slot, so you can wear a helm with them.

Pets have been added to cerberus and also the kraken.


Trade giveaway event

Players are now able to host their own trade event giveaway by typing ::trademe and picking an item from inventory.

The item will be removed and game will broadcast that the first player to trade the hoster will get the reward.

The rewards will expire in 10 minutes, in that case it will select a random online player to give the reward.

The items that will be elegible are filtered according to death-keep priority, that must be over 70k, to avoid trolls,
however this is not fail proof and a few costume rares will not work until we have a good market price table from Trading Post.

Player Owned Shop

Players can now click on the scroll bar without clicking over the listed item.


The second skilling bonus experience event should now work.


The 'the Enforcer' title was added for 2500 kill count.

The Discord bot has been fixed.
Premium Store

Now premium tickets are available at premium store.
Players are able to purchase 25k, 50k, 75k and 100k premium points tickets, the tickets are tradeable

2 weeks ago
Hello everyone.

Today we've decided to promote Charlie.

Charlie has been a consistent, helpful member within the community and has shown interest in advancing the ranks, thus him taking this new role. 
Charlie lives in England (GMT +1) and will primarily assist in this timezone.

Welcome Charlie, and congratulations.