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19 hours ago

Halloween Event

The halloween event was enabled, and will be play-able until day 3.

In order to play the event story, head to the ship entrance at Catcherby

The event starts in Catherby, you must board the south most ship at the docks, south of cathebry bank.

You will need Melee, Range and Mage to complete this event along with a special attack weapon.

Talk to Hazelmere He shows you his house and teleports you to a castle full of zombies.

You must run to the house (An arrow on your minimap will show you where to go)

When you arrive at the house click on the scroll on the ground Close the scroll interface and now there's another arrow pointing to a library. Run here. This library is full of zombies, kill all of them.

After you kill all the zombies , the spirit talks with you asking why you're here
You're teleported again to a place full of demons
Go to the arrow where death is A conversation starts and Hazelmere attacks you.
You'll appear at a dark altar with spirit asking the gods to revive you Death appears A cutscene happens You need to kill death.

Death has 4 stages.

Stage 1 -> Attack with Melee Stage
2 -> Attack with Range Stage
3 -> Attack with Mage Stage
4 -> Attack with Special Attack.

In parallel, our staff team will be able to spawn Nazastarool boss and Vampyres that drops soul fragments, that can be exchanged at Grim Reaper next to G.E

We have some new cool outfit, also with latest OSRS halloween event items available!

Colored Divine Shield

A colored divine shield will be available to be purchased on Grand Exchange, we should release max 100 of those items on economy, and leave it un-obtainable for the next 1-2 years.
The shield will work exactly like regular divine spirit shield.


  • Slayer Ticket was fixed,  it should reset options every time a new task is given.
  • Fixed dharok's accuracy formula.
  • Fixed presets allowing players to wear shields with two handed weapons.

The Good news

  • The sport bet system is like 40% coded, lots of time were spent adjusting the 'login screen interface system' to work inside the game and communicate with server. (Had to add scrolling support and many other stuff)
  • Meaning that we also have a proper interface system ready to code Texa's Holde'm when we get to it. (However Raids is next)

  • This week I'll focus on player's suggestions and bug fixes, looking forward to release another update at the end of this week.

  • It's something that many people already know, so I'll post here.

We have cleaned over 60% of game economy recently, all of those items were 100% removed from eco.
3 weeks ago

Hey guys, I'm happy to say that today we are getting some exciting updates!

Cape customizer presets

Now you can save presets pressing 'save' button and quickly select them from top 'presets' button

Ground Item Names filtering

Now you can filter the ground names by market price, that way you don't get a screen flooded with non interesting items!

Quick Zooming

In case you find regular zoom speed slow, you can tick a setting to double that speed.

Duo Slayer

In order to start a duo task you may use the regular Gem and select 'Partner' then simply click on your partner and he will be prompted to accept the duo.

The task kill count will be increased by 75%, meaning that if both players are effective, tasks can be completed 25% faster than being solo!

In order to start a duo task, both players must have no assignment set!
If a player use a VIP ticket to change task, this player will be removed from the Duo Group.

Rock Paper & Scissors!

A new gambling mode has replaced the 'ABC Flower' mode.

In this new gambling mode available you must choose between one of the three options within 10 seconds!

I guess you know what to do!

Hoster Chances

Since gambling update, some ranked gamblers have been asking me to 'roll back to old system' because there were 'waay too many options and no point on having the rank anymore'.

Well it took long but now I've pooled in-game to check what was players opinions.

Well as stated in the poll we'd allow players to OPTIONALLY select 55% / 45% chances like always has happened on Dice for other Game Modes.

So I've changed the flower games a bit, now when 55% hoster is ticked, there will be 5% of chances that a white flower will fall into possible flowers. (If you think about it, leads to a bit less than 5% of chance yet). If a white flower appears in any of the flower games, means that the host wins.

So to sum it:

White flower: Host always wins.

However since Blackjack and Rock & Scissors are not lucky based games, it was not possible to implement a host advantage option, unless we provided 5% instant win in those, but first I want to discuss that with community.

This all is on a trial period, I'll make another poll in the future to check how its going.

Completionist cape (t)

About the time! Completionist cape (t) will be available on the store, to the players that achieve the following steps:

1: Level up prestige to max level (20 so far)
2: Achieve 4,6B experience (with max prestige level)
3: Complete ALL tasks (Including bonus ones)

If you have ideas of perks for the cape, make a suggestion on discord!

Achievement Cape

Regular and trimmed achievement capes are now available at Master Store!

In order to obtain the untrimmed cape, you must complete all tasks, except for the bonuses one.
In order to obtain the trimmed cape, you must complete 100% of available tasks!

  • Fixed a problem where server would visually remove more items from ground than the amount picked up (visual glitch) when spam clicking 'pickup'. (That also may make pickup faster when spam clicking the same item on ground)
  • Fixed Jewelery making interface allowing to make jewelery without spending gems.
  • Jad was fixed, it should be attacking properly now.
  • The coins dropped by Ironman on breakables (The value will be converted to the price they pay to repair)
  • The delay applied on Combat when eating was fixed, it was setting to 5 ticks, it was reduced to 1 tick delay.
1 month ago

Hey Guys! I've been working on most players suggestions and QoL | Fixes updates to then start working on IRL Events Gambling and Raids further! So stay tuned as more frequent updates should pop in the next few weeks!

  • Dragon Bolt (e) special was reworked to work like OSRS (bonus damage is 20% of ranged stat)
  • Fixed Diamond bolt(e) special, it should be always 100% accurate now.
  • Fixed a problem where wild had no PID, accidentally the no PID system of duel arena was being applied to the whole combat.
  • Now the game will accept PK Tournament donations after it has started, only during preparing stage.
  • Players can now pickup items behind even while froozen.
  • Fixed food & potions delay to match OSRS.
  • Fixed order of food + potions possible usage.
  • Fixed saradomin brew restoring life to 116 instead of 115 like OSRS.
  • Now the ground items will be sorted by price, meaning that most expensive items will appear first (pick-able with left click option)
  • Piles with over 5 items will not display 'examine' option to save up some space.

Rune Pouch

    Rune Pouch will now display an overlay with remaining runes, it can be toggled from settings interface!

PvP Tournament

The tournament weekly rewards were updated, Premium Points tickets are back!

  • Ironman players can no longer gain vote pack rewards.
  • Ironmen is now able to purchase hatchets from Woodcutting store.
  • Reduced the items repair cost for ironmen and Hardcore ironman

  • Hardcore Ironman will always turn into Regular Ironman upon death, without losing progress and bank.
  • Game and discord will now announce HC deaths for players with over 1,200 Total Level

  • Players can now use regular and super donator tickets on other players to give them a rank.
  • Castle Wars game time was changed back to 10 minutes.

  • Last Man standing shop items are now available at Collections Log
  • Nurse will now heal players life up to max boosted HP
  • Monster rare drop announcement was improved and now displays current Kill Count of player

  • Fixed Corporeal Beast attacking after being killed.
  • Tournament classification time left was improved to be more precise.

  • Decanter at G.E will now clean noted grimy herbs (just use the noted grimy herbs on him)

  • Bob decanter prices were increased.

  • Now the game will notify missing items when withdrawing a preset from bank.

  • The game will now display pouch examine and space left when examining the pouch.

  • The coins were removed from Squeal of Fortune
  • The crafting amount options on Gold Bar smithing now works properly.
  • Right click option was removed from Bunyip
  • The respawn time of Sea Troll Queen was reduced.
  • Wise Old Man will now have a right click option to quickly repair barrows items.

  • Fixed Bork shop only having 1 item available on stock.
  • A ::report command was added, it will redirect to proper forum's report section.
  • More fire Giants were spawned at Brimnhaven dungeon.
  • Rommik's crafting shop was re-organized.
  • Ankou set may now be dropped by Ankous in catacombs as well.
  • Dragon Hunter lance should now be the best item slot against Corporeal Beast.


  • Fixed resting animation and other possible related issue on other animations.
  • Fixed players not being able to purchase from battle royale store.
  • Nightmare and Skotizo long map loading should be fixed now.
  • Premium tickets were removed from collections on Mystery Boxes and Squeal of fortune as they are no longer rewarded there.
1 month ago

Today we have decided to promote Zoiezo to Trial Moderator. Zoiezo has been an excellent member of the team and think he'll do great in his new role.  

Congratulations Zoiezo!
2 months ago

Today we have decided to promote Flashdevil11 to Trial Moderator.  Flash has been doing a great job with helping around the server.  I have no doubt he will perform well in his new role.

Congratulations  Flashdevil11!