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3 weeks ago
Hey everyone

Today we decided to promote Greetje to the rank of Ingame Moderator.

Greetje has been doing a fantastic job since joining the staff team. Maintaining good activity, helping players, and always trying to learn how punishments are handled.

We have no doubt that she is ready to take on this new rank. Congratulations!
Icarly65: New Server Support
1 month ago
Hey everyone

Today we will be promoting "Contender" to the rank of Server Support. Contender has been doing an excellent job as an Omm, and is consistently active/helpful within the community. We believe he is ready to join the staff team.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!
3 months ago
A couple week ago, we welcomed a new Trial Mod to the game, Greetje, as she was doing a fantastic job as Server Support.

Today we have decided to promote another Server Support to Trial mod. Mrlebeaudry has been doing a fantasic job in his rank of Server Support. Maintaining good activity, while helping players out. He also has been a Mod in the past, making this a pretty easy decision for us.

Iron Fun: resignation
3 months ago
Hey Everyone.

I'd like to thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to be part of staffteam, but it's time for me to leave, I'm resigning from all staff position.

I'm leaving, Because life's became a bit bad lately for My family and I, and I don't see myself around. I've decided to resign than holding a rank that I don't deserve for doing nothing at all.

I'd like to thank Danny for letting me in staffteam, and all other staffs, keep your good work up guys.

3 months ago

With my irl situation, some may have noticed ingame, I'm on the opposite spectrum of my active hours for the USA timezone. I forgot to make a thread to officially congratulate Iron Fun and Icarly65 on being promoted to Sectional Moderators. 

Forums may not be as active as it once was but the positions help monitor the forums for its current activity.  Both Iron Fun & icarly65 help a ton throughout the server with whatever is needed.