RSPS taken to another level.
Welcome to Etherum

Etherum is the longest active RSPS server. With over 8 years online offering very high quality content to players, you can expect to see frequent unique content available only here.
We know what we are doing!

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Runescape Private Server

Runescape private servers are community made versions of Runescape.
It provides an alternative and customized way of experiencing the RuneScape world.
A way to emulate players preferred game experience and bring back the nostalgia feeling of the very good old times.

As it became bigger, some people started seeing private servers as a business...

However, here at Etherum it's just for the passion of developing unique and professional
quality content. We love to see our community enjoying Etherum and giving us feedback.

Our passion for RuneScape is what keeps us alive...
And our community is just like a family, anyone is welcome!


Check out our awesome trailer below to see what makes Etherum different than any other RSPS!

Why join Etherum

Beside the fact that Etherum is the most advanced RSPS, here is why you should join right now!

OSRS & Game rewards
  • Weekly 230m+ OSRS rewards from Tournaments.
  • 2m OSRS automatically rewarded every 10 hours of activity.
  • Voting contest with great in-game & OSRS rewards.
YouTubers Incentive
  • YouTubers incentive plans with rewards and community highlight!
  • Rank and future possibility to display videos in-game.
Game Content
  • Lots of multi-clans awaiting to recruit you!
  • Easy starting! We really value our newcommers!
  • Very content packed server; however, with only the best quality!
  • OSRS Currency, osrs coins sales are allowed!


Our tournament system is very unique and professional!
It updates scores in real time and automatically rewards the players every sunday!

PvP & Skilling

Tournaments with in-game and OSRS coins rewards that can be exchanged on OSRS!
Rewards are given up to 10th position!

Etherum Player Killing Tournament
Player Killing tournament rewards 200m OSRS weekly
Etherum Player Skilling Tournament
Skilling tournament rewards OSRS weekly and great in-game items!


Champions from the previous tournament will have a head icon to show-off their skills!

Tournament champions head icon
Tournament champions will render an icon over their head.
Tournament champions head icon
Tournament champions will render an icon over their head.


Player Killing is one of the main aspects of the game!
Our combat system is the most flawless out there!

Instant PK

If you would like to join and go straight into Wilderness, we allow you to set your combat levels and get free supplies!

Supply table allows you to get PK Supplies for free, set free presets and repair degraded chaotic equipments.
The supply store contains lots of basic PvP armors that can be purchased with no limit!
That way you can quickly start advancing with PK kill rewards!
You may click over your combat skills level to choose the level you want! However the stat will not appear on Highscores or be able to prestige unless its reset back to level 1.

Bounty Hunter

Targets are assigned in the wilderness and upon killing a target, players receive various rewards.

Wilderness target system, provides extra rewards for EP, updates PvP rank every kill.

PK Rewards

Gain rewards by killing any player at wilderness!
You can get the most expensive items by simply killing a player!

Etherum PK Rewards

Player Killing Pot

Players can donate coins to the Charity Well and raise the PK Pot.
A percentage of the PK Pot is rewarded every time a player is killed at Wilderness!

Etherum PK pot
Get a fraction of current PK pot every time you kill a target at the wilderness!
You can check the current PK pot size from the quest tab!

Skull Types

There are two new different types of skull that players can toggle.

Etherum Skull Types


A nurse is available near Edgeville wilderness!
The nurse will restore all your stats and timers!

PK Nurse


Just like our Player Killing system, the PvM was really taken care of to become perfect.
We grant the most advanced bosses mechanics with real challenges and great rewards!


We have a huge collection of well working and challenging bosses available with unique drops!

Etherum Bosses

Kill Tracker

Track monsters kill count and fastest kill time!

Etherum kill tracker
Keep track of over 50 monsters kill progress!

Drop Table

Easily check monster drops and find items!

Etherum drop table
Search for a drop table on a specific monster!
Etherum drop table
Find monsters that drops a specific item!


As one of the three pillars of most relevant content, we took care to revolutionize how skilling work.
Our focus is to provide a long-term entertainment to skillers and balanced rewards compared to other activities.


Slaying is one of the most profitable activities!
Starters can type ::gotask to teleport straight to the current task!

Etherum Slayer
Spending your slayer points on Vine Whip and Perfect dragon scales will make you billions!
Etherum Slayer
You can cancel, reduce or even teleport to the current task!


Prestige system makes skilling very profitable!
Players can max all noncombat skills reset them for prestiging up to 20 times.
1,000 prestige points will be earned for every hour skilling.
Whenever another player prestige up, everyone online gets prestiges points in a big commemoration!
You can spend your prestige points in the prestige store for the best equipments!

Etherum prestige
Etherum prestige
Spend your prestige points earned from skilling here! Level up prestige to unlock new items!
You gain prestige points by just staying online while other prayers prestige up!
Etherum prestige
Spend your prestige points earned from skilling here! Level up prestige to unlock new items!
You gain prestige points by just staying online while other prayers prestige up!

Resources gathering

Resources have value in our game as skilling is a very profitable activity.

Adamantile ore

Obtainable from mining.

Market Price: 6333

Runite ore

Obtainable from mining.

Market Price: 14K

Adamant bar

Obtainable from smithing.

Market Price: 15K

Rune bar

Obtainable from smithing.

Market Price: 24K

Maple logs

Obtainable from woodcutting.

Market Price: 3348

Yew logs

Obtainable from woodcutting.

Market Price: 4907

Magic logs

Obtainable from woodcutting.

Market Price: 15K

Dragon bones

Obtainable from dragons.

Market Price: 114K

Frost dragon bones

Obtainable from Frost dragons.

Market Price: 223K

Zogre bones

Obtainable from Mutant Tarn.

Market Price: 8M

Slayer VIP ticket

Obtainable from slayer kills.

Market Price: 9M

Raw shark

Obtainable from fishing.

Market Price: 4286

Raw manta ray

Obtainable from fishing.

Market Price: 4714

Raw rocktail

Obtainable from fishing.

Market Price: 47K

Raw karambwan

Obtainable from wilderness fishing.

Market Price: 91K

Blood coins

Obtainable from wilderness slaying.

Market Price: 100K

Uncut onix

Obtainable from thieving.

Market Price: 6M

Pure essence

Obtainable from mining.

Market Price: 3000

Air rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: 78

Fire Rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: 116

Water Rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: 140

Death Rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: 321

Astral Rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: 451

Blood Rune

Obtainable from runecrafting.

Market Price: N/A

Drop Parties

Every weekend game will automatically perform drop parties at 10:00 AM and 18:00 PM UTC!
Game will host 5m OSRS and many more expensive items! However many other items are donated by players!

Weekend Drop Party

Every weekend server will perform 4 drop party events with the items deposited by players on the chest!

Etherum drop party
Deposit items into the chest for the next drop party and gain Party Points to spend on Party Pete store for awesome unique items!
Etherum drop party
Party Point store with awesome tradable items!

Trading Post

The market is what makes the game interesting.
Hence why we provide the most advanced trading mechanic out there, check it out!

Player Owned Shop

Sale the items on a very advanced Player Owned Shop system!

Etherum player owned shop
Verify the latest available items on the Player Owned Shop!
Etherum player owned shop
Search for the items that you are looking to purchase!
Etherum player owned shop
Easily put your items for salewith available statistics!
Etherum player owned shop
Verify your sales progress from Store tab!
Etherum player owned shop
Check all your Player Owned Shop transactions!


Do you love gambling?
Then you'll love the most advanced gambling system that you will ever see.

Gambling Modes

Choose between a big collection of available gambling games!

Etherum gambling challenge
We provide many different game modes and settings to customize the round rules!
Our gambling system is 100% safe from scamming!
Etherum flower poker
Flower Poker is one of the player's favorite gambling game!
Etherum black jack
Blackjack is very unique and addicting!
Etherum dicing
Dicing is a classic gambling mode on Etherum!
We were the first server to ever create ranked and safe dicing system!
Etherum history board
Keep track of latest players gambling results!


As another very important aspect of the game, we are proud to provide a very smooth staking experience!

Duel Arena

Stake lovers will have fun at our flaweless Duel Arena system!
With presets, no PID and duel resume on disconnect!

Etherum duel challenge
Custom rule allows players to choose a single weapon that can be used during the duel!

Clue Scrolls

We have a very complete clue scroll system with all puzzle challenges and over 150 tasks!

Treasure Trial Tasks

Go through many different kind of tasks to find a casket!

Etherum clue challenge
Solve many different puzzle challenges!
Etherum clue challenge
Find and dig a spot pointed in the map!
Etherum clue challenge
Locate the object pointed in the map!
Etherum clue challenge
Answer a question challenge!
Etherum clue challenge
Perform an animation using the correct equipment on the defined location!
Etherum clue challenge
Solve the anagram and find the location!
Etherum clue challenge
Scan your way to the chest!


The treasure trials caskets rewards hundred of different items, some very expensive ones!

Etherum clue scroll rewards
Etherum clue scroll rewards
Etherum clue scroll rewards
Etherum clue scroll rewards


We also play a big role on minigame quality and uniqueness!

Weapon Game

Weapon Game was the most successful RSPS minigame, originally created by us.

Etherum Weapon Game
We have had over 150 players playing Weapon Game simultaneously!

Castle Wars

Our castle wars has all the functionalities working!
This is the most complete Castle Wars you will see in the RSPS scene!

Etherum Castle Wars
The team to beat the boss in the center gets the perk!
Etherum Castle Wars minigame
Castle Wars is extremely rewarding! You can get some of the best equipments from the store!
Etherum Castle Wars minigame
Purchase fancy costumes with your Castle Wars points!
Etherum Castle Wars minigame
Purchase resources to assist in the Castle Wars rounds!

Shooting Stars

Spot and mine crashed stars and gain rewards!

Etherum Shooting star


We are up to date! And we were the first to implement discord with in-game!

Join us

Join our discord and interact with our community! Players can help you if you have any question!

Discord Features

Join our discord and gain rewards in-game!

Etherum Discord
Type !daily in our discord for a daily reward in-game!
Etherum Discord
Link your discord with your in-game account and complete a bonus task!
Etherum Discord
Check in-game item prices from discord!

Vote Rewards

Voting is one of the most important contributions players can make!
Hence why we are very generous when rewarding players for helping!

Voting Rewards

There are plenty of rewards given to players on voting!

Etherum Discord


Pets are cute! And also a huge achievement here on Etherum!
Many pets are available!

Boss & Skilling pets

We have countless very rare pets!

Etherum Pets

Game Stores

Have a sneak of our in-game stores!

Available Stores

Our stores provides rewards for diverse activities such as voting, pking, skilling, training and general game participation!

Etherum store
Spend your PK points earned upon PvP kills!
Etherum store
Spend the prestige points you earn for each hour of skilling!
The items are unlocked based on your prestige level!
Etherum store
Spend the prestige points you earn for each hour of skilling!
The items are unlocked based on your prestige level!
Etherum store
Spend the blood money earned upon bounty hunting or Wild PvM!
Etherum store
Spend the blood money earned upon bounty hunting or Wild PvM!
Etherum store
Voting is extremely rewarding! Claim your items here!
Etherum store
The training dungeon is a great way to quickly start and get basic gear!
Etherum store
You get participation points on pretty much any activity. Claim your prize here!
Etherum store
Spend the skilling points earned during skilling here!

Premium Chests

Have fun with our Premium Chests and have a chance to gain an insane reward!

Premium chest tiers

The chests can be obtained by donating. It's the best way to make money!
You can get one drop of each available tier from a single chest!

Etherum premium chest tiers

Tier rewards

Those are the rewards from Premium Chests based on the tier!
Every reward is very valuable!

Tier 7

Primal full helm

Primal platebody

Primal platelegs

Primal boots

Primal gloves

Tier 6

Colored partyhat

Twisted bow

Blue boxing gloves

Firestarter pet


Rainbow scarf

Rainbow partyhat

Primordial boots

Pegasian boots

Ethernal boots

Ancestral set

Dragon set (t)

100k Premium points ticket

Elder maul

Tier 5

Infernal axe

Infernal harpoon

Black partyhat

Iron partyhat

Adamant partyhat

Rune partyhat

Gold partyhat

Vine whip

Divine spirit shield

75K premium points

Dihns Bulwark

Dragon hunter crossbow

Blood necklace

Imbued heart

Armadyl crossbow

Royal set

Royal crossbow

Green partyhat + Yellow partyhat

Purple partyhat + White partyhat

Blue partyhat + Red partyhat

Christmas cracker

Golden cracker

Zaryte bow

Tier 4

Torva set + Steadfast boots + Chaotic rapier

Pernix set + Zaryte bow + Glacor boots

Golden cracker

Spirit shield set

Black partyhat + Iron partyhat

Adamant partyhat + Rune partyhat + Gold partyhat

Red partyhat + Purple partyhat + Blue partyhat

Chaotic longsword, Chaotic maul, Chaotic crossbow, Chaotic rapier

Abyssal dagger + Blood necklace + Steadfast boots

75K Premium points ticket

Occult necklace + Amulet of Torture

Torva set + Dragon claws + Berserker ring (i)

Tier 3

Torva set

Christmas cracker

Zaryte bow

Pernix set + Chaotic crossbow

Virtus set + Armadyl battlestaff

Full dragon + Abyssal dagger

Purple partyhat + Blue partyhat

Red partyhat + Yellow partyhat

White partyhat + Green partyhat

Zamorak hasta

Black partyhat

Iron partyhat

Adamant partyhat

Rune partyhat

Gold partyhat

Glacor boots + Dragon claws

Divine spirit shield

Tier 2

Chaotic rapier

Chaotic longsword

Chaotic maul

Chaotic crossbow

Armadyl godsword x 2

Dragon claws x 2

Bandos set + Steadfast boots

Pernix set

Steadfast Boots + Berserker ring(i)

Ourg bones x 70

Abyssal dagger

Tier 1

Full bandos

Full armadyl

Armadyl godsword

Dragon claws

Zamorakian spear + berserker ring (i)

Ourg bones

Void set

Donator ticket

Fremmenik ring(i) set

Armadyl crossbow

Game Content

Take a look at the amount of high quality content that we provide!


We have the most advanced bank system. Totally flaweless and full of features!
Right click the first tab to take a screen shot!

Etherum bank
You can have up to 20 tabs to organize your items as you wish!
Etherum bank
Setup your presets and have a faster skilling or PvP!
Etherum bank
You can have lots of presets and quickly withdraw them within seconds using hotkeys!
Etherum bank
Access your equipments from the bank!
Etherum bank
The bank has lots of features, so we allow you to configure them!

Reaper Collection

Recover your untradables lost upon death!

Etherum Untradables recovery system
Talk to the reaper at Edgeville and purchase back your untradables lost on death with soul points!
You can request the Reaper to automatically keep your untradables upon death!

Key Binding

Use your keyboard actions exactly as you want!

Etherum Key Binding system
With our key binding system you can have many extra features available!

Yell customizer

Completely customize your yell text as you want!

Etherum yell customizer
Etherum was the first to invent yell customizing feature!


Our notification system will always keep you on track with the latest news!

Etherum notification
Easily access game news and personal reminders.

Item Recoloring

We have a very advanced system that permits us to allow any item to be recolored.

Etherum item recoloring
Right click "customize" and set your item color as you want!
Etherum item recoloring
Right click "customize" and set your item color as you want!
Etherum item recoloring
Right click "customize" and set your item color as you want!

Custom Titles

Nearly 200 custom titles within 8 categories available!

Etherum custom titles
Unlock and show-off your custom titles!
Etherum custom titles
We have lots of different categories!

In-game scores

Players highscores available from an in-game interface!

Etherum game scores
In-game highscores including live scores that resets automatically and rewards winners automatically!


Over one hundred tasks available with great reawards!

Etherum tasks
Complete all tasks to achieve the completionist cape and get awesome rewards!
Etherum tasks
All tasks are grouped into defined difficulties


We have many interesting items with specific purposes!

Game Special Items

We have lots of special and valuable items, take a look!

Donator Ticket

Allows to claim 30 days of donator rank.

Market Price: 250M

Super Donator ticket

Allows to claim 30 days of super donator rank.

Market Price: 561M

Slayer VIP Ticket

Allows to choose a new slayer task.

Market Price: 9M

Wilderness Blocking ticket

Block a player from attacking you at wilderness for 6 hours.

Market Price: N/A

Vote Ticket

Claim one vote point per ticket.

Market Price: 934K

Squeal of Fortune ticket

Claims squeal of fortune credits.

Market Price: 11M

OSRS Tokens

Each token can be exchanged for 1m OSRS

Market Price: 143M

Aggression potion

All monsters become aggressive.

Market Price: N/A

Premium Ticket

Tradable tickets that rewards premium points.

Market Price: 2,519B

Skilling skip ticket

Allows to skip the current skilling task.

Market Price: 33M

Game Settings

Every player has personal preferences! And we provide options!


Lots of things are highly customizable in the game!

Etherum settings
You can save up to 4 accounts in your login screen!
Etherum settings
Choose whether you want to play on pre-eoc or old school style!

Future Updates

Better than our current content is our future update plans!

Awesome plans

Better than our content is our future updates plans!

Etherum future updates
Huge pet system with unlocking progress including pet upgrading and Pet vs Pet duels!
Etherum future updates
There will be an interface that allows you to examine any object or item that provides random items to check their rewards!
Etherum future updates
Etherum will host a drop party every Saturday. Some items will be hosted by the server and players can deposit items in exchange for Party Points!
Etherum future updates
There will be a game tab assisting on skilling, that way anyone can easily find the most effective and most profitable skilling method!
Etherum future updates
Clan system will be huge, with clan wars, clan tournament, clan citatels, clan PvM, clan Slayer, clan skilling and unique clan shops!
Etherum future updates
A support centre will help newcommers find answers for the most frequently asked questions!

Starting Guide

Starting as a brand new player can be tricky given our huge amount of features.
We want to make this step as smooth as possible.
As you log-in, you'll have access to many guides on how to become a master!
We are sure that when you give it a shot, you will love it!

Sir Vant


Etherum Training Dungeon
Get 3 kill streaks and unlock special effects such as Instant Kill, Max hit only, Invincibility, Blow Damage, Burn Damage, Faster Attacks, Infinite Special and more!


Etherum Training Dungeon
You get 5 points per assignment kill. You will be able to easily purchase really good starting items!

Blood Keys

Obtain blood and bloodier keys from wilderness slayer task monsters and wilderness bosses!

Etherum blood chest rewards
Open blood chests and some of the best in-game items as rewards!

Profitable Slaying Loots

Dragon Bones

Market Price: 114K

Frost Dragon Bones

Market Price: N/A

Tooth half of a key

Market Price: 8M

Loop half of a key

Market Price: 4M

Slayer VIP ticket

Market Price: 9M

Bloody key

Market Price: 15M

Bloodier key

Market Price: 33M

Whip vine

Market Price: N/A

Slayer Shop

Etherum blood chest rewards
Spend your earned slayer points on some really expensive items!

Valuable shop items

Vine Whip

Market Price: 1,099B

Perfect dragon scale

Market Price: 654K

Zamorakian Hasta

Market Price: 391M


Market Price: 10M

Vote ticket

Possible voting rewards

50K Premium Points

Market Price: 5,352B

Voting tickets

Market Price: 934K

Squeal of Fortune ticket

Market Price: 11M

Boxing Gloves

Market Price: N/A

Boxing Gloves

Market Price: N/A

Mutant tarn

Zogre bones

Market Price: 8M


Dragon bones

Market Price: 114K

Frost dragon bones

Market Price: 223K


Blood coins

Market Price: 100K

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